October baseball

New York in Autumn is a very special place though this year no one cared about baseball — after all New York Yankees aren’t playing — and the world was talking about the Giants and the Rangers, of the football and ice hockey kind!

After decade and a half riding on the backs of core four and the massive amount of television moe by, New York Yankees baseball like all aging teams is on its way down. Money, makes things easy, but it does help fix the core of the problem.

While rest of baseball has learned how to build great teams by building a strong core of talented young players and surround them with veteran talent — a playbook Yankees wrote — my favorite baseball team still tries tired old ways of winning. It is not that my love for pinstripes has diminished, but in this post-Jeter era, who do I love, who do I cheer for? I can’t muster any enthusiasm for the new guys — Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCaan and Carlos Beltran. A-rod? Can we just eat these losses and move on and head back to the future?

If baseball seasons are going to end in September, we don’t need aging stars. So why not making youth part of our future plans. Shawn Greene and David Phelps have shown that our farm system can surprise. But it’s an ideological shift and it is hard to make, especially for an organization that talks about “product” and “business” more than the game.

October is particularly painful for ever so often my neighbors, aka SF Giants remind what is wrong in Bronx. It is a taunt from rest of baseball fans – reminder that Yankees need to change. For next few days, I am ready to hear that roar of the Giants fans, with stadium lights piercing into my apartment. I am not a fan of either the Royals or the Giants — how can I be when I love someone else . But I love the game of baseball. And I admire a team made of imperfect players, certified aces, fresh faced new comers and those who can feel the chill of the autumn of their carrier.

A team that does little things right and knows winning isn’t about how you look, where you are from and how much money you have in the bank! You don’t have to be a fan to like magic and joy of winning.

From the archives: San Francisco Giants and the D-Word, where D is for dynasty Related: ESPN asks is Buster Posey is the next Derek Jeter. Now let’s now get carried away guys! 

Some new stories on Storehouse

I have been posting some visual stories on Storehouse — it is backed by True Ventures and I sit on the board — and it is a perfect platform for telling stories through photos and videos. Here are some of the more recent stories: 

You should get their app to really enjoy the service. Or you can keep tabs on my recent stories by following me here.

30days of blogging: Week #2 wrap-up


It has been a while since I felt complete and utter exhaustion — so today will be a quiet, blogging free day of contemplation and composition! I am heading home shortly after an intense and busy visit to NYC. I need the weekend. Have a good one everyone! In the interim, enjoy this new Storehouse story by me.

3 things to read this weekend

Have  great weekend everyone!

Apple & rise of the carrier antagonistic SIM

Today, Dan Frommer wrote a piece about the new SIM in the newly announced iPad Air 2 (and other iPads) and why it was disruptive. This is quite a big deal. 

It was almost four years ago when Stacey Higginbotham reported that Apple was working on a new SIM that would allow its iPad customers to seamlessly pick between various cell phone carriers. In a subsequent piece, European economist and policy expert Rudolf van der Berg (now with OECD) explained why this new SIM card (co-developed with Gemlato) was a big deal and could turn Apple into a new kind of variation of MVNO. Rudolf wrote: 

If I had to advise Apple, it wouldn’t be to use a fancy SIM card that can be remotely changed, but instead to use an Apple-proprietary SIM card that contains no changeable data and is fully controlled by Apple. Then, the consumer could buy access to mobile networks throughout the world either through post-paid or pre-paid options offered by Apple. Apple would manage the subscriptions and authenticate the users on the correct networks. The user could switch mobile networks but have all of it managed by Apple.

You should read Rudolf’s post to get a deeper explanation that what Quartz offers. Holland became the first country to offer carrier agnostic SIM card. The implications of the carrier antagonistic SIM are much more profound when you start to think about our data plans, connected car and other connected devices.

Mimi Valdés Makes Happy

“Happiness isn’t something out there in some fantasy land, it’s out there for us to grab” — Mimi Valdés, creative director for Pharrell’s i am OTHER, a multimedia company.

Happy has become a global phenomenon — 11 million copies of the song sold and nearly a billion video views of the song and its offshoots — mostly because at the end of the day people want to connect, share and be happy, Valdés said. It was a wonderful lesson I got from Valdés talk at FastCompany magazine’s Design Awards conference in Manhattan. Check out 24hoursofhappy!

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