Data Piñatas

Consumers have become data piñatas – hacked, tracked and absued by everyone from hackers, governments, and worse of them all, apathy on part of legislators and their corporate overlords. I got so miffed by the T-Mobile/Experian hack last week, that I ended up writing an op-ed for The New Yorker. [The New Yorker]

The Martian: Book vs Movie

The Martian, the movie, is talk of the town, these days, or at-least in my friend circles. I have not seen it yet, but Picturelife & OMGPop founder Charles Forman is not that impressed — he likes the book better, if you have read the book before. I normally read the book before I watch the movie, so I will abstain for a while and finish reading the book. [Charles Forman]


Birthdays are weird: you are supposed to celebrate the day which is in many ways a mile marker of time spent on the planet, or alternatively time left on the planet. I have so much trouble trying to deal with dichotomy of the day, and despite my best intentions I can’t fully enjoy it. Maybe that is what it means when they say you are getting old. Sure my back hurts sometimes, losing weight is hard and the daily dosage of my medications remind me of the growing number of revolutions around the sun. But I don’t certainly feel old —…

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Remembering Alex King

Matt Mullenweg pens a heartfelt and moving tribute to Alex King, a well known member of the WordPress community, who made many contributions to this open source project. I first met Alex on my WordPress blog roll! May you rest in peace, old friend and thank you for the goodness you brought into the world. []

How to talk to journalists

Pete Warden,  CTO of JetPac, now part of Google, has outlined a how-to guide for startup founders (and chief executives) on how to talk to media people & develop long term relationship, without being heavily reliant on PR agencies. It should be must read for all founders. [Pete Warden]