What I wrote in 2010: a look back

Over the weekend I came across the Watchdog series on Stat News, which takes a long investigative view of science, scientific claims and hype. “Periodically in this column, we’ll take a look back at claims made by scientists five years earlier to see how they hold up, and if they were off-target, explore why. Think…

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Photo Essay: Backroom Faces of Filson

Filson, one of the oldest manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest, has entered the new century, thanks to its tireless devotion to quality goods. From bags to outerwear, everything that carries Filson’s brand is built to last. I have a tote bag that has seen more milk and food spills than a toddler’s lap, and yet…

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On demand Economy’s Growing EcoCosts

Polluting the environment and creating waste is so much part of our daily lives that we don’t event think about it. It bugs me that our industry — technology sector that is — often talks about making the world a better world, and yet we continue to make same mistakes, take same shortcuts and be part of the same status-quo. About six months ago, I had pointed out that how our reliance on on-demand economy had a huge ecological cost. The worst offender, I thought was Amazon, which has become one of the biggest mover of goods in our society….

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What Google & Rumsfeld have in common?

A talk by Optimizely co-founder and CTO Pete Kooten lead one observer to see some commonalities between Google and Donald Rumsfeld: the Dunning-Kruger effect. Writer’s corelations and general assertions resonated with me. My experiences in interacting with folks who leave the close confines of Google or any other successful large technology company add credence to his conclusions. [Gabe Weisert]

I am thankful for…

Yesterday, when riding an Uber, I heard the first Christmas song on the radio — I can’t remember which one — because I was so shocked to realize that it was nearly end of November, and that the holiday season is upon us. I have been in the U.S. for over two decades, and every…

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