7 Stories to Read This Weekend

It has been the longest week of the year, thanks to my continuing battle with fever brought on by a lingering throat infection. I spent most of my time in bed, doing little more than reading. The upside of all of this: I have some great suggestions for you to read, though I have to admit this week’s mix is a little sports heavy. “The Cold War.” Salem, Oregon, is an unlikely spot for one of the tastiest and coolest battles. Now, this is a good way to get your weekend going. [Epic] “The Man in the Van.” There are a lot of…

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Bernie’s Day

About eight years ago, I woke up from my surgery, groggy and hazy. The beeps from machines sounded distant. The voices from the corridor outside the small private section of the intensive care unit at the UCSF were muted. I could hear the heavy rain against the window. I was thirsty. And yet all I can remember seeing a much younger President Obama declare victory in Iowa, though I couldn’t hear a single thing he said or even make out the screen clearly. I fell asleep again. I wouldn’t wake up for a while again, but I was sleeping with…

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Recommended reads from across the internet

Why Zika is this year's scary virus? Scary viruses are now a permanent part of our news cycle and actually say a lot about the increasing risks in our hyper-connected planet. Zika is the latest. Everything you want to know and more, you will find in this good over piece. [National Geographic]
Why Email is harder than you think  Email, thanks to its history and its perceived openness is a minefield for any young startup trying to tame it, writes Mathilde Collin, founder of email-focused company, Front. She points out that much ballyhooed MVP (minimum viable product) approach doesn't work for email startups. It is first of her three-part series that is worth reading.…

A Eulogy For San Francisco’s Past

The New Yorker just posted my latest piece for them – it is a eulogy for Wilkes Bashford, a clothier and a style maker that put San Francisco on the fashion map. Bashford died recently and his passing in many ways bookends a San Francisco before the Internet. It was ironic that just a few days after his death, Mark Zuckerberg posted the photo of his wardrobe – great t-shirts and grey hoodies. It is the sign of the times.

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I Got the Monday Morning Blues

Miles Davis is rocking my Sonos sound system. The new Sonos Play:5 is amazing: One is more than enough to make the house pulsate. But I have the trumpet blasting loud, because I need the music to drive away the Monday morning blues. It has been a tough few days. I have been sick, and when that happens, my life shifts into down gear, both physically and emotionally. Last Thursday my throat started feeling scratchy, and overnight it became virtually impossible to even gulp a sip of water. Fever came next, and for the past three days I have been bedridden…

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Song Tea & Ceramics of San Francisco

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