Zuck, Dick and the 90-Day Curse

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is one of a handful of large company executives who holds a public town hall–like meeting (aka ask-me-anything session). This is a crucial and well-appreciated touch by the leader of a company that intersects with our daily lives at every turn. It is a place for our collective memories, discourse and…

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The longest day of the year is often the point where summer starts for many of us who live in the Western Hemisphere. As part of my summer routine, I pack my rucksack, and head on over to Stinson Beach, which is an hour and a half away from my San Francisco apartment. It just…

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Recommended reads from across the internet

Why Web Design is Dead "Web design is dying of irrelevance [as] Web pages themselves are no longer the center of the Internet experience, which is why designers need to move on to the next challenges—products and ecosystems—if they want to stay relevant," writes Sergio Nouvel. A essay that is worth a read. [UX Magazine]
Cory Doctorow: SkyNet Ascendant Science Fiction of the present may not be ideal way to tell the future, but SF author Cory Doctorow writes that is a good way to understand the past and learn where we are going. The science fiction is rooted in issues of now and is reflected in author's interpretation of the future. Given our…

Cole gets a Cannes Lion

A photo by Cole Rise, who is one of my favorite people and simply a great photographer has been picked as  Cannes Lion award  (Gold campaign) winner in the Billboard/Street Posters category. His photo of a friend standing in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado was part of Apple’s Shot on iPhone 6 campaign. Congratulations…

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Upton’s wisdom

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair These words from author and labor movement leader, Upton Sinclair, sum up the attitudes of many constituents who are being disrupted by the incessant digitization of our society.

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Follow The Geeks

Jason Hiner and Lyndsey Glipin are busy writing their book, Follow the Geeks. They are serially sharing the book one chapter at a time — a great idea and if I was to ever write a book, it would be pretty much my preferred mode of writing. The book is about new media innovators and…

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