WordPress at 13

It came to life before Twitter. It was around before Facebook. It has been written off for dead and/or obsolescence by many. And yet WordPress continues to grow, slowly and steadily. It accounts for about 26 percent of the web, and it is open source. And it was 13 years ago today, the software that…

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Data Driven (Music) Discovery

Earlier this month, in my latest piece for The New Yorker, I wrote about Apple’s growing challenges with services were centered on its inability to grok the reality that today, data and algorithms are key part of the user experience. As an example, I cited the growing popularity and effectiveness of Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature. Today, Spotify shared some numbers that showcase how tiny bits of data and evolving alogrithms can lead to rapid adoption, deep engagement and a satisfying user experience. Discover Weekly, is forbearer of what’s to come. Data will help define the experience in a deeper, more personal way, especially…

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Recommended Links

How Viv, the next gen Siri works Viv, the next generation Siri is a pretty big deal and how it works is a technological breakthrough, as Brian Roemmele explains. Little nerdy, but worth a read. [Medium]
Machine Bias "There’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks," writes ProPublica, in first part of its series, Machine Bias. [ProPublica]
Silicon Valley's D-Word Silicon Valley, uses the word "disruption" too loosely. I don't disagree with that, argument, if you add phrases like innovative, creative and telanted to the list as well. [Los Angeles Times]

Back from Faroe Islands

It was a magical week away from the daily hubbub of technology, social media and the Internet. I am rejuvenated (though immensely tired) after my trip to the Faroe Islands. Yesterday was one of those days, spent exclusively in bed (except for a walk to my favorite cafe, for a much needed espresso), recovering from…

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Day Two: Mykines! The Puffin Island!

It has been a long day. Jet lag woke me up at 3 am, which was actually a good thing: I ended up sending edits on my next piece back to my editor at The New Yorker. After plowing through the document, I fell asleep again, only to wake up just 15 minutes before the…

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Faroe Islands Bound

I have dreamed of visiting far-off places – lands where people are few, skies are big and quiet is infinite. I don’t seek monuments, when I travel. I look for being lost – in streets, on trails and in my thoughts. It is what drew me to Iceland. That took me to Tuscany. And now I am going to take a week look break in Faroe Islands. According to Wikipedia: Faroe Islands an island country consisting of an archipelago of small islands between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland, 320 kilometres (200 miles) north-northwest…

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