In NY, Let a Thousands of Startups bloom

I was in New York last week, for what was essentially a blink of an eye. The reason for my visit — a dinner hosted by our firm, True Ventures, for a growing number of portfolio companies in the city that will always remain the center of my universe. It was amazing to see 60-odd…

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Shifting Values  

It was sometime in late 2007, I found myself in the center of  a blogosphere-only brouhaha around “conversational marketing.” It was spearheaded by folks from Gawker Media and was directed at John Battelle, who came up with the idea of “sponsored posts” and rebranded them as “conversational marketing.” Almost a decade later, the same idea of “sponsored posts” is viewed as the salvation for the media industry including Gawker. It is a popular way for folks to monetize their audiences, especially in the face of Facebook and Google stealing all other opportunities.  For a few years now, much was made…

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Recommended Links

The Battles of Chernobyl It has been 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded and created an environmental disaster of gigantic proportions. Here's a look back at the disaster and the history and science of nuclear reactors. [The New Yorker]
India and the Threat to the American Small Satellite Launch Business A lot of attention is being devoted to the "US Trade Representative review of the continuing ban on US satellite launch aboard India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)." [The Space News]
Americans' Right to Data Is Important Data privacy is a big enough deal that Americans need a new right — something nobody even imagined a generation ago, writes Keith Winstein. [Politico]

Facebook First!

John Herrman, who writes about the media industry for The New York Times, is one of my favorite writers. His incisive and cutting commentary at his previous home on the web, The Awl, was on my “read first and do everything else later” list. About 10 days ago, we had a conversation about the shifting media landscape and the harsh reality of the media business. My parting comment (which he included in the final piece) was that if I were to start a publication, it would be on Facebook (perhaps as a Facebook page). Today I learned that Vox Media is…

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How Far Have You Come?

A few weeks back I went to Delhi to see my parents. They still live in the same house where I grew up. It is a little older. The neighborhood is a bit more crowded. The sun fails in its valiant attempts to kiss the ground. The smog feels a little heavier. Air is a…

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7 Things to read this weekend (04.16.2016)

Unless you are in the class of folks who can afford the services of Panamanian law firms, you are unlikely to avoid the Tax Day! Still, with your taxes done, why not kick back and read some of the better stuff that has been published on the Internet this week. Documenting the world’s animals, one picture at a time: A lovely profile of photographer Joel Sartore and a sampling of his wild life photos is my top pick for the week. [National Geographic] Did Internet kill the Fashion Critic?: The answer seems to be yes, especially as the speed of commerce…

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