Set Adrift: Goodbye of P.M. Dawn

…at the dawn of the 90s, P.M. Dawn enjoyed a brief moment where they captured a truly new sound and the attention of the world and it seemed they would be able to ride that wave of success almost indefinitely.

Diabetes has claimed another life. One of the pioneers of hip-hop, Prince Be, one half of 1990s group, P.M. Dawn passed away last week after diabetes led to renal failure. Anil Dash, a technologist who is known for his sharp essays on technology culture, has penned an heartbreakingly beautiful homage to one of the forgotten talents of the genre. It should be on your must read list, and for the record Anil missed his true calling — a rock/music critic of infinite understanding for music.

A New Look (for the blog)


It has been a few years since I spruced up the look and feel of — it has been very sparse and minimal, mostly because I didn’t feel excited enough to write with a regular cadence. I wanted to put a distance between me and GigaOm. I wanted a clean cut with the idea of constant deadlines. Frankly, I just felt burned out and wrote when (and if) I was highly compelled. 

Why you should wear black

Black when it comes to fashion. It always works. It’s easy, chic and simple. I always loved Yohji Yamamoto’s quote on why he wears black: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: ’I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.’”

Finding my lens 

My recent visit to Faroe Islands turned out to be life changing in more ways than I had thought. The first break through came on the second night of the trip and it has allowed me to focus on what matters, and why some tools work for some people and some don’t. It has had a remarkable impact on how I make photos. Here is how it happened.

WordPress at 13


It came to life before Twitter. It was around before Facebook. It has been written off for dead and/or obsolescence by many. And yet WordPress continues to grow, slowly and steadily. It accounts for about 26 percent of the web, and it is open source. And it was 13 years ago today, the software that powers my digital homestead took its first baby steps. I was one of the (if not the) earliest adopters of the software. It has changed a lot from those humble beginnings but as a blogger it still makes it possible for me to write, connect and publish without being beholden to an entity like Facebook. Thank you WordPress community for everything you do, everyday, and good luck for the future!

PS: Today happens to be the 79th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is as magnificent today as it was at the time of its birth!