I Rang The NASDAQ Closing Bell & It Was A Hoot: Photos

I lived in New York for over a decade but rarely went up to the Times Square. I saw it being slowly transformed into an urban mall, a playground for the tourists, but last evening I realized how much fun the place really is. I guess it is all those pulsating billboards and neon lights which are constantly flickering, helping release dopamine in our brains every nano-second. Talking about big-screens, I had the honor of getting on one of them for a brief moment in time.

The fine folks at NASDAQ stock exchange hosted us and invited me to ring the closing bell at the Exchange — a big honor considering we are not really a public company. But this is part of our ongoing relationship with the exchange and part of our attempts to help bridges into new categories. I have to say, for a little while, it made me feel a little like a kid. Not a bad way to return to the city which I left eight years ago.