Charting iPhone’s Progress

Count me as one of the sheeple, who is likely to be one of the 13-to-15 million buyers (as predicted by Foursquare) of the new iPhone 6S. I am going for the 6S plus and thinking about space gray to match my Macbook 12 in the same hue. I took the launch of the newer models as an opportunity to take a look at the technical progress (as measured by Geekbench 3 Performance Benchmark) made by Apple and the iPhone. The company has been cramming more and more graphics capabilities, memory and oomphier processors in the iPhones. The latest iPhone…

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The only Leica Q review to read (for now)

“A camera is a complex object that requires months of use for a proper evalution. I’ll just say this: put your name down on a wait list ASAP,” writes Andrew Kim. Plus his review has beautiful photos. I promise I will do my review — soonish!

Highlights from my ProductHunt AMA

Last week, Ryan Hoover and team from ProductHunt invited me for their newly launched “asked me anything” platform. A few hundred folks joined and many asked questions. I have highlighted some of my favorite questions (and my answers) from the session. I hope you get a chance to read them. Could you tell me what is the most important in technology writing? You have to focus on the reader and make sure that you write in a simple, clean manner that even a layperson can understand. Technology is confusing to people. A writer’s job is to simplify it. What would you do…

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What the new iPhone 6S (+) Cameras can do

Apple spent a lot of time and energy on boosting the camera/visual capabilities of the forthcoming iPhone 6S and 6S-Plus. All the specs are one thing, but seeing it in the hands of professional photographers is a quite a different story. National Geographic is going to run a special feature later this week, but photographer Mark Leong has shared some of them on his Instagram account. ) Sports Illustrated has some photos as well. Vogue magazine covered the NYFW with the New iPhone 6s Plus. For me, camera is the only reason for an upgrade. I don’t see any other reason to upgrade from the current phone, which I guess will become my second phone, come Friday.


Why HP Is Irrelevant

When I had a television, on sleepless nights, I would sometimes stay up late watching reruns. After a certain hour, the infomercials would take over — I can’t tell you how many times I was tempted to order an ab cruncher or juicer, only to be saved at the last second by good sense. However, such good sense doesn’t prevail over at HP, which seems to go on the equivalent of late-night shopping sprees, only to regret them a few years later. I was reminded of my past behavior when I read the news about HP’s decision to trim its enterprise…

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