Thoughts on PokemonGo

Thoughts on PokemonGo from my True VC partner, Jon Callaghan:

This is the new interface and experience for so many applications, and my prediction is we will soon see augmented/mixed-reality boom in simple ways. The proliferation and power of the smartphone puts augmented reality in the hands of billions, instantly.

Looks Good: Peak Design Backpack


I wasn’t a backpack kind of person, up until my friend Matt nagged me into trying one. I still wasn’t convinced, but you do a lot of things in name of friendship. However, when I started going for photography trips, I started to realize the value of backpacks, except that most of the bags targeting photographers are like hiking boots — long on comfort, short on style. Being “aesthetics first” kind of person, I have settled for a Tumi Arrive backpack which is an ideal blend of rugged and aesthetically pleasing. While it is good for carrying a camera and a lens with some accessories, it isn’t really a true camera bag. 

Why I wanted to redesign my blog

Writingwithapen, the creative company that helped me redesign asked me about why I wanted a facelift, and what I thought about the state of content, media and creation.

What I wanted to do was essentially revert back to what excited me when I started GigaOm, which was the rawness of it—just being focused on writing about technology and new trends and things that I love.

What I wanted to do was bring back the ethos of what my blog was back in the day before it became a company, which is to essentially focus on curating things, have an opinion on them, and tell my narrative through my opinions and my point of view.

What I used to do in the early days of GigaOm was point to articles that were interesting to me or articles that I disagreed with with my opinion on them and it was a way of aggregating what I thought was the best tech news at time when the tech industry was collapsing. Now we are at the exact opposite phase. We have an industry where we’re overflowing with information. And there’s so much out there that you can’t really figure out where to find the good stuff.

Facebook’s News Feed: How good is it anyway?

In my most recent piece for The New Yorker, I ask what I think is the most relevant question:

What are the realistic abilities and limits of Facebook’s news feed? The more the company tweaks the feed in a crude and blunt manner, the more one has to wonder if Facebook’s alogrithms are not only rudimentary and basic but also possibly the company’s Achilles’ heel.