Standalone Camera losing fight with the iPhones


My article outlining the rise of the computational photography for The New Yorker prompted many reader to write and point out the camera phones were essentially a pre-iPhone phenomenon. I don’t disagree, except for the fact that iPhone made it possible to do higher quality photography easier and simpler. And it is not just the iPhone – other smartphones have dramatically enhanced their photographic capabilities.

Experimenting with film photography

Photo by @Om (

Every so often, I decide to put down my daily camera – Leica M Monochrome – and start mucking around with other cameras. I like the Fuji XPro2, which is an amazing little devil. I have also got a certain fondness for Olympus Pen-F (which Chris Michel loaned me). I have a little soft spot for the Leica SL which despite what others says is one of the better mirror less cameras and makes late night shooting a breeze, especially as I find rangefinders hard to use after daylight has faded a bit — my eyes aren’t what they used to be.

On Kafka’s Podcast

Recode’s Peter Kafka was kind enough to invite me on his podcast, “Recode Media with Peter Kafka” to generally chit chat about life, venture capital and media. We reminisced about our days at Forbes. We talked about my life at True Ventures, and how a near death experience changed my life for the better. Oh we discussed my disagreement with John Gruber, though I know it isn’t something you need to think about. But in the end, we talked about my love for technology. Peter thinks I have a radio voice, so might actually contemplate my reviving own podcast ;-), You can listen to Recode Media in the audio player linked below or via iTunesGoogle Play MusicTuneIn and Stitcher.

Why iPhone 7 Changes Camera Industry Forever


My latest for the New Yorker about the mainstreaming of what is generically known as computational photography. This to me is the start of a new phase in photography and what it means. Have a read & tell your friends.

We are splintering what was the “camera” and its functionality—lens, sensors, and processing—into distinct parts, but, instead of lenses and shutters, software and algorithms are becoming the driving force.



Mule Design co-founder, designer, author and all around Internet bad-boy (and a very dear friend) Mike Monterio is having a lot of fun with the phrase “Courage,” which was not-so-ironically used by Apple marketer in chief, Phil Schiller when elaborating why the company got rid of the 3.5 mm audio jack on its iPhone 7, a topic that has been a source of much controversy and consteration online. Mike created a set of images featuring Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi  with Apple’s AirPods (wireless headphones) to highlight the silliness of Apple’s messaging. These three were featured on Apple’s comeback ad-campaign, Think Different. I hope Mike completes the set with all the Think Different advertisements. What Mike is highlighting is that “Courage” for some of us is not getting rid of a headphone jack – that’s just technological evolution to something new, and hopefully better. (PS: Like an idiot, I misidentified Malcolm X as Martin Luther King. My sincere apologies.)