5 things to read this weekend

Of nearly three dozen stories, I saved to my Pocket account, these five, I think are worth your time. Why? Because they will force you to move out of your comfort zone and ask different questions. That is the real value when it comes to writing.

Photo of Gillette Library, courtesy of Wikimedia under Creative Commons License.

Technology IPOs: Party like 2014

IPOBlog2When it rains, it pours! And no I don’t mean the actual, real rains we are having in California. Instead, I am talking about the technology IPO boom of 2014. Lending Club, Horton Works and New Relic are some of the latest technology companies that went public this week. December 2014 is the busiest December in 15 years when it comes to technology offerings. That is in sharp contrast with October and November which saw a dip in the IPO activity.

If all goes as planned for remainder of the years, folks at Deutsche Bank point out that 2014 will be the most active year for technology offerings since 2000. According to Dealogic, a research group, prior to this week’s tech IPO surge, technology IPOs have raked in over $1.6 billion versus $2.7 billion in 2000. If current trends hold, then 2015 is going to be an interesting year from an IPO perspective.

On a personal note, I am delighted to see Lew Cirne, one of the good guys, take New Relic public. It ended the day as a billion dollar company. You can read some of his thoughts about analytics and public offering here.

Here by Richard McGuire

img_8545_0Richard McGuire’s Here (Pantheon) is the story of a corner of a room and of the events that have occurred in that space over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. McGuire is a contributor to The New Yorker and his work has appeared in other publications such as The New York Times. It is quite a book. You might want to check out reviews in the Creative Review, The Atlantic, Comic Book Resources, and Boing Boing.



A very Appy Apple

Steve Jobs wasn’t right about everything. He pushed a mobile-browser centric model on to the first incarnation of the iPhone, but had to quickly shift gears and go the app route. Now those very same apps are turning into a massive cash cow for Apple and are key driver of its profits. Apple’s iTunes, Software and Services revenues will nearly double from $16 billion in 2013 to $32 billion, according to Macquarie Capital Research. 

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On visual web, a photo is worth more than a 1000 words

Photos, photos and more photos! Photos are the atomic unit of social platforms. Photos and visuals are the common language of the Internet. It is hardly a surprise then, that we are going to upload nearly 900 billion photos to the Internet this year. Or that, Snapchat is worth tens-of-billions of dollars. What is more amazing is that we have only, barely scratched the surface when it comes to the potential of turning on the cameras. Here is a personal essay on why I am excited about photos, the visual web, computer vision and the far reaching impact of visual sensors. 

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