Twin Prime wants mobile data faster

It was at John Battelle’s Web 2.0 summit, Marissa Mayer (then with Google) in a presentation to the audience pointed out that the faster Google could serve up search queries, happier the customers. “You might say that it’s obvious, but it is something bigger,” she said. Amazon found out that their revenues increased 1 percent for every 100 milliseconds. Walmart said that improvement of a second led to two percent improvement in conversions, a huge gain in their revenues. According to research from and Akamai, nearly half of web users want a site to load in 2 seconds or…

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MeTV Meets Reality TV With @AppMeerkat

Mark Hall (my long-time friend and the founder of ShowYou) tweeted one of my columns from Business 2.0. Whether in Parisian cafes, Bombay chai stalls, or Manhattan singles’ bars, humans have an overwhelming need to get together, talk, communicate, and interact. Our genes are coded that way. It’s no surprise that as we rush toward an always-on,…

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(Now) Apple is all about China

I finally had a chance to catch up on Apple’s latest keynote, which saw CEO Tim Cook announce some additional details about Apple Watch and of course, its pricing. The company also announced a new kind of Macbook — pretty amazing actually — and some other newish offerings such as HBO Now on Apple TV….

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Q&A with @StartupLJackson & @BoredElonMusk

As Jon Stewart and John Oliver have shown time and time again, parody is sometimes the best way to tell the truth. On Twitter, Bored Elon Musk ( a finalist for the Best Fake Account at the Shorty Awards) and Startup L. Jackson, two fake tech-observers who caustically add a dose of reality to the information bubble around technology. Obviously I enjoy their tweets and we got into a DM conversation which turned into a Q&A about some of the things going on in our world — Meerkat, SxSw, Apple Watch, Batteries, Buzzfeed and The Verge. 

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You’ve Got (No)Mail

At the end of the classic war movie, Force 10 from Navarone, as explosions go off in the dam and from the outside, it seems nothing has happened and the attempts to blow it up are futile. And then slowly fissures appear and before you know it the dam is breached. For the past few days, the dam of emotions remained intact, but last evening it was breached. Like everyone else on the team, I lost my Gigaom email address. It is such a small thing in a larger scheme of things, but for some odd reason, that loss ruptured…

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