From India, New Fashion Stars

I remember the sparseness of talent and original thought, and degree of elitism during the formative years of Indian fashion scene. I used to write about that stuff and even as a non-trained, not-really-fashion-writer, it was obvious that there was such a huge chasm between the rest of the world and Indian fashion, despite the claims by many of the then designers. It is exciting to learn about the subtle and modern changes to the act of weaving, traditional crafts and other artisanal work being adopted by the fashion talent coming from little corners of the country.Fashion clearly has come a long way in India.

Worth Reading: 7 Recommended Stories

What a week! Last presidential debate! Internet melted down, thanks to a devices-based bot-net. AT&T planning to buy Time Warner for about $85 billion. I mean, things are anything but boring these days. Except, to be honest, one needs to step away from the river of news, sit down and read some good stuff. And that is why I am here – to share some of the top stories I have read in recent days and are worth your time and attention.

If you need to find peace and quiet, I highly recommend the Bose QC35 headphones — which are amazing. I speak personally and I made my decision to buy them after reading this fantastic review. And if you need a place to sit down, find a great coffee shop. Who knows, your city might be in this list of best US cities for coffee addicts.

All set? Here we go with some recommendations:

What is Design

Apple has received (I think unwarranted) criticism for its iPhone 7 design from technology reviewers. I disagree with them and in my latest piece for The New Yorker, I explain what is good iconic design, what matters and how should we think about design in the connected age.

In Memoriam, Riccardo Bestetti

Riccardo Bestetti, a premier artisan and a legendary shoemaker passed away earlier this week due to a lung related ailment. He leaves behind a wife and a young son. I am deeply saddened by the news and this loss. As a patron of artisanal shoe making, one gets to know the artists and artisans quite well and as a result the sense of loss is felt deeper. The big companies have brands, but they lack the humanness that only a passionate artisan can bring.


Last evening I shared a link from Wired magazine about the passing of Dennis Ritchie, an influential and iconic figure in the world of software and computing. The link got retweeted and re-shares many times including by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The only problem with me sharing that link was was that Ritchie, whose contributions to the software cannot be underscored, passed away five years ago. At the same time when Steve Jobs passed. 

I didn’t notice the date on the piece – an error on my part – and in the end adding to social media noise. This isn’t the first time I have inadvertently tweeted old articles as new. And perhaps it won’t be last. I hope to do better. I regret having wasted time and attention of so many of my followers. 

On the upside – though my error isn’t excusable – is that more people are paying their respect to Ritchie, who does deserve our respects and thanks for all he did to help build the world we live in.