Netflix, Apple Music & need for bandwidth

For a long time, I have argued that bandwidth (usage) can be a good predictor of economic trends and shifts. I was reminded of that earlier this morning, when reading a press release about Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report: Asia-Pacific & Europe, when this bit caught my eye. Netflix is making gains in the new European markets they entered late last year, with the service now accounting for almost 10% of peak downstream traffic in Austria and France. Apple Music, bolstered by a three month free trial, has surpassed Spotify as the leading music streaming service on mobile networks in Australia and…

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My ProductHunt AMA

I have been invited by Ryan Hoover and his team at ProductHunt to do an “ask me anything” today. I am going to be talking about my favorite apps, my tools, life and anything that ProductHunt audience wants to know about me. I love the site and find it much more useful than some of the traditional tech publications as it allows me to focus on new services, tools and apps instead of reading rehashed press releases. I hope you can join me on ProductHunt. Here is the link for the AMA.

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The Slow Death of Irrelevance

Evernote isn’t dead — not yet at least.But the seeds for its long-term demise are already well under way, argues Josh Dickson. The main reason — growing irrelevance of the product and inability of the company to innovate forward.[Syrah]

The CompuServe of Things

Phil Windley in a well-reasoned essay argues against the rise of online silos and is rightfully worried that we are heading towards a connected things future that looks more like the CompuServe than the Internet we have become accustomed with. [Phil Windley]

Phil, Jony & Angela

I was at the #AppleEvent yesterday. I quite enjoyed the presentations — solid 7/10, which is pretty damn good in my books, especially compared to the messy WWDC show. Anyway after the session while most of the people were heading to the demo area, I quietly snuck into the executive and special guest area and snapped a few photos. Lack of light made things a little tricky, but my Leica Q managed to show its true potential. Here are three which I liked the most — post processed in Lightroom and SilverFX Pro2

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