San Francisco in 50s: from a Dashcam

Dashcam are all the rage – and rightfully so, though I like the Dashcam featuring comedian Jerry Seinfield and his friends going to get coffee in exotic cars. Anyway here is a video of San Francisco in the early fifties — long before it became today’s tech Mecca —  when it was a great backdrop for Dashiell Hammett‘s memorable novels!

In a New York Minute

I was in New York for a minute – or rather 36 hours to attend a friend’s 50th birthday and was reminded why I like San Francisco summers – they are colder than some winters and you don’t have to sweat like a crazy person all the time. I don’t like the hot and humid weather, though I like how colorful and beautiful the city and its residents look. I mean even the New York Black takes on a new meaning. 


I have just started a new Instagram account, OmPicks, where I will share the stores of people who fascinate me. Some are friends, some are folks from different walks of life and some are just interesting. There isn’t any theme – except these B&W portraits are made by me. If you are curious, follow along on Instagram. Here is my first pick for the series: Shak!