6 thoughts on “With Girl Panic, return of vintage Duran Duran (Video)”

  1. I assume you’re being facetious about the band itself not being in the video; all of the actual members are there and still looking good!

    This video does a good job of convincing me that those supermodels are animatronic. How can they all look EXACTLY the same as they did in George Michael’s Freedom video TWENTY-ONE years ago.

    1. Yup that is what I meant. I think it was funny to see the dress down version of the boys. That is not Duran Duran for me 😉

  2. no! I’d much rather see the boys not these hooches! but I do love all the heels.

  3. Om,
    Actually, the band makes cameo appearances throughout the video as “interviewers”, “hotel bell hops”, “party guests” & “photographers”. They don’t look like old geezers, just more mature versions of themselves- especial Simon who is sporting a beard. 😉

    Thanks for posting this. I prefer Åkerlund’s work with Lady Gaga personally, but this is a nice attempt at doing something stylish with a fleeting song, as you yourself noted.

    Cheers to the wild boys.

  4. The best part of it is seeing Yasmin LeBon among them. Also, using the very first supermodels. Now the term doesn’t mean anything except that you’re a human stick insect.

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