The only value is creativity

John Maeda is one of my favorite thinkers. I enjoy his observations on design and how information and society intermingle. The president of Rhode Island school of design recently had these observations about creativity and how it realtes to a society chockful of information. And while his observations are focused on 2112, I do believe what he is saying holds value even today.

In 2112, creativity will be the most valued form of work because creativity is about going against what everyone (including yourself) believes in. By 2112, our minds will be directly connected to computers. We think having Google at our disposal has changed how we think about knowledge retention, but imagine when that knowledge is literally integrated into your being.

What will be at a premium in this new world? Our unique ability to create ideas and concepts that go against the all-powerful norm of the factual. The ways of thinking and working that artists and designers embody so naturally will be in higher demand. These skills will be universally recognized as how we advance society’s future, rather than a nice “add-on” as they are perceived of today. Creativity will be the new currency of work, the world over.

Rest of Maeda’s observations are here.

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