10 thoughts on “So you think couples are a bad investment?”

  1. My thinking is that it happens often (more than is acknowledged). The arguably most accomplished woman in technology – with 2 Nobel prizes – Marie Curie – also collaborated with her husband. I was recently at the Anita Borg Innovation in Computer Science awards dinner – two of the three winners were married and the 2 that were cited their husbands as their main collaborators. Also, you left Marvell off the list – Sehat and Weili the founders are married. (less famously I too started a company and hired my husband as its first employee – we run it together),

    VCs have told me they don’t fund married couples because they worry about the “problems”. I wonder if they could do the diligence to find out if there are problems more often with married couple founders or otherwise – e.g. would they please base their decisions on data. While I do know the Cisco founders and Flickr founders did divorce – the companies were successful (which I is supposed to be the priority for VC). If someone would collect the data I would be interested to know if the divorce rate is lower than the national average, looking at the above list would suggest so, I’d also like to know if the founder “kind-of-like-divorce-but-at-the-company” rate for married co-founders is lower than the average for startups.

  2. I think its a huge advantage to have your partner as your co-founder. There is such a high bandwidth connection between the two of us – I can think of an idea and have a discussion over breakfast. By the time we come in to work, we have already brainstormed for an hour or more.

    Being passionate about the same thing also helps the relationship. Given the crazy hours we work, it would have been hard for the other person to deal with that. But this way, at least we share the same passion which makes it easier.

    1. I think it is a great counterpoint and I think the bias against couples is mostly because VCs don’t want to delve into human relationships, when the entire busiess of “business” is human relationships. Actually don’t even get me started on the biases…

    2. Hey Rashmi- you have a great site/idea. And you have support, understanding and collaboration in one package deal- your partner. All the best. I love Slideshare and I spend a lot of time on it.

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