So you think couples are a bad investment?

Today when I heard about Salesforce buying Buddy Media for $800 million, I tweeted that perhaps that would be the end of venture capitalists saying that it isn’t prudent to fund married couples. I say why not? I mean, just look at this list. Do you really need more testimonials?  

  • Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner were co-founders of Cisco Systems
  • Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum were co-founders of VMWare
  • Michael & Xochi Birch were co-founders of Bebo
  • Caterina Fake & Stewart Butterfield, co-founders, Flickr
  • Rashmi Sinha and Jon Boutelle, co-founders, Slideshare
  • Brian & Lisa Sugar, co-founders Sugar Inc
  • Michael & Kass Lazerow, co-founders, Buddy Media
  • Kevin & Julia Hartz, co-founders, Eventbrite
  • Victoria Ransom & Alain Chuard, co-founders, Wildfire Interactive.

I personally know four couples on that list and frankly every time I have interacted with them over past decade or so, I have only found admiration in how they handled work and personal life and found a balance. Some say that you are essentially married to your co-founders. I think in this case they literally are. 

Despite the success of these companies – there are many more out there – VC community suffers from weird sort of dogma. They look for patterns and use those patterns to make predictable investment decisions. I don’t get it.

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