13 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos, inheritor to Steve Jobs’ crown?”

  1. Yes, I agree with you, Om. Although I feel that Steve was more “idealistic and enlightened” and Bezos is much more “finance centered”. This makes Steve a different kind of tech icon. The feel I have is that Steve was passion driven and Bezos is only money driven, from the very beginning.

    I love Steve but something keeps me from loving Bezos.

    1. Well I would disagree with you on AWS. And like iPod, Amazon did in fact re-imagined the e-reader and made it work for many of us.

  2. Right on. The Nokia thing was a total disaster without pricing and availability. I’ve been a huge fan of Windows Phone from the start two years ago, and I can’t understand how they keep screwing up product launches where Microsoft is concerned. Ditto for Surface.

  3. Apple’s success is dependent on products and it will need to bring newer and better every now and then to maintain market share. Amazon sells pretty much everything under the sun and Kindle is a way to sell more if it, easily. Apple and Amazon are trying to sell more content but Amazon already sells everything else.
    Different categories, both legends.

  4. Absolute hogwash. Amazon would be NOWHERE if it weren’t for Google and AOSP. Instead of kissing Google’s ass, Mr. Bezos proceeds to make a deal with Microsoft for search and Nokia for maps. He has absolutely no shame and it’s disgusting. If I meet him in real life I will not hesitate to spit on his face.

  5. Nope; Steve was interested in selling Apple products around the world, and the Company has worked very hard to gain entry into a variety of markets for Hardware, Software, and ancillary products such as music, video and books. Amazon has problems selling more than its basic catalog of books, CDs and DVDs into a next door market such as Canada; note that the Kindle Fire is US-only …


  6. Jobs’s greatest invention is, of course, Apple, the invention machine that makes hardware and software people love to use. Jobs loved that machine that makes bucket loads of money.
    I’m unsure what Bezos’s greatest invention will be. Destroying middlemen? Exercising his options in the money?

  7. “I’m unsure what Bezos’s greatest invention will be.” Me, too. Amazon Prime has completed revolutionized retail (multiplying what Apple did with iTunes). And as a research geneticist in a federal lab I can tell you that the entire genomics revolution of the last few years is being entirely processed and archived in Amazon’s cloud computing services. So, yeah…what Amazon’s greatest contribution to our way of life is a tough call…

  8. Why does everyone want to find the “next” Steve Jobs? That’s not very interesting. Sequels are never as good as the original. There are many interesting leaders in tech today including Bezos and Dorsey. There was no “next” Andy Grove, right?

    1. Daniel

      My piece (original from about 4 years ago) was about the next big technology icon who galvanizes interest and thought. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs represented their generation well. Bezos is a logical representative of this new post INternet tech generation. Who will be next? That remains to be seen.

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