4 thoughts on “The biggest Apple store in the world.. Sort of”

    1. Will, I find just the opposite with my HTC Incredible 4G. Battery life seems to drain quicker with WiFi on… and holds steady when on 4G/LTE while not using WiFi. I ONLY turn WiFi and Bluetooth on when I need them; the 2 biggest drainers for me.

  1. Om, Is there an equivalent to the Morphie for an HTC Incredible 4G that you’d recommend? (I converted from iPhone as Apple/AT&T Wireless lost me 2 years ago. HTC and other competitors had features iPhone just didn’t have, yet.) I’m doing some Google searching. My other thought is to order a couple extra batteries from Overstock.com. Huh… just learned that there seems to be other battery options than just the 1700 mAh option; such as an extended 2150 mAh (I wonder if that’s the largest that will fit in there?) http://www.overstock.com/search?keywords=battery+htc+incredible+4g&SearchType=Header
    Thank you for your time, Mr. Malik.

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