10 thoughts on “An Unbranded Life”

  1. Hear! hear! If I had a choice, nothing that I would buy would have a logo (at least not a visible one). A few years ago, I owned an unusual SUV – it was beautiful, except for all of the logos. I went so far as to remove them. The car design didn’t need them. I knew what I was driving, so I didn’t need them. Only the manufacturer needed them as an advertisement. The funny thing is that the car was more noticeable (and better looking) because of the lack of logos, not less. People noticed the substance, not the superficiality.

    1. Well done, David. I think it is exactly the point Matt was trying to make. of course, the challenge is that how does one find out about something worth owning/using. It used to be a lot more difficult, but hopefully an interconnected planet is going to help us surface the unbranded/quality stuff sooner.

  2. When I first saw your Blog I did a double-take. I sign my blog O Malik so for a second I was pretty confused 🙂

    I really enjoyed this post, you are spot on with the message you’re trying to get across. Hope to read more from you!

    Amazing Life – https://amazingislife.com

  3. I’m more of a hyena…so I don’t like being in herds. It’s a variation on the “wolf mentality”, except I don’t go after the sheep so much as I like messing with them, the sheep dogs, and the wolves as well.

  4. Om, I like the spirit of being willing to break from the pack and making your own choices but I don’t see that in conflict with enjoying brands — brands aren’t the problem; an unhealthy, uninformed, unthoughtful dependence upon them is. — denise lee yohn

  5. Brands, few or frequent are not the problem. They help nor hinder ones quest to live life simply if one elects to pursue that path. The term “greed” is being used in a context to assume one as judged by others lives their life embracing useless excess at the expense of others. We live in a beautiful global community that provides us the opportunity to access an array of products needed to coexist as defined by us as individuals not based on standards imposed by another. Therefore brands are not the villains. Those that judge others by utilizing their set of ideals, imposing their values are rapscallions. Every man human has the liberty to define their own journey in life without the discernment of others.

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