An Unbranded Life

I counted 11 brands on the counter at that exact moment: Dr. Hauschka, Orabrush, Common Good (soap), Kohler (sink), Bongio (faucet), Philips (toothbrush), Rembrandt, Royal Velvet (toothpaste), Sonos, Neorest (toilet), and Tom’s of Maine (mouthwash). My iPhone was on the counter but the Apple was covered in a WordPress iPhone case, I guess a 12th brand, but the only one I chose to be there. But for regular, everyday goods, how can we get all of the advertising off them? — Matt Mullenweg writes on his blog.

It is hard to live life in 2013 and not be assaulted by brands. The whole society exists to market something. Twitter and Facebook has made everyone a brand.  The brands work on simple human need — to belong to a pack/herd. 

The pack (or herd)  is what makes the brand, and brand is what makes the pack (or herd.) Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Burberry are brands because they created their own herds and herds needed their symbolism to mean something.

In reality, you don’t need a brand or brand association to define yourself. What it needs is awareness of self, willingness to be different and break from the pack. It also means, one needs to whittle down things one needs to own, find one’s level of greed. 

As I have found that when you start making stark choices on what you want and what you don’t, you start to make the branding invisible. That said, I am three steps into this mile long journey. 

A letter from Om

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