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  1. Om, your regular contributions will be missed. I’ve respected your perspective and your willingness to challenge conventional thinking. It should serve you well as a FT VC. Best of wishes and thanks for the mountains of content!

  2. Om, you have offered the Internet an interesting insight of the economy and where it could go. I am happy to see you take whatever moves to get you to a happier step in life. Enjoy your freedom and all stress related to keep up the Newsletter. Thank you for your wisdom. Kitty Kelso

  3. Loved reading all your writing. I found gigaom via popsugar. Giga won me over and I’ve been following tech ever since. I always look for your byline and make sure I read those articles. I hope you keep posting the what you’re reading today. You are a great filter and would miss tremendously. I hope you can live a little more relaxed now and enjoy life. Keep the photos coming too 😉 All the best!

  4. loved ur blog post. i cant imagine how it is like, and everyday I prepare myself the same journey being an ex-jouno, owner-tech-entrepreneur as well. Gigaom is incredible, and your personal journey too, in so many ways has been inspiring to me in Singapore. All the best! And maybe some day our paths will cross.

  5. You have been a true source of inspiration for me always. Have never missed any of your article or expert opinion on Bloomberg. It will now take days probably months to fill the void created by your absence. Good luck and best wishes!!

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