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Apps are increasingly about shared cultural experiences set against the times that we live in. Right now the hot-shit app trend is anonymity. Whisper, Secret, Confide, Wut, and Banter are all having moments. Given the revelations that our government is peeking into our phones, or the high profile outings of celebrity bad behavior based on the things they’ve done with their phones, that makes sense. But it also makes sense that before long, as culture shifts, we’ll all shift over to the next hot category.

The news of Whisper raising a truckload of money at a nosebleed valuation on the heels of new funding for Secret reminded me of this commentary by Mat Honan, one of the finest technology writers in business these days. The trick is to become adaptable part of society’s daily fabric. Matthew Panzarino puts it best when he writes, “It’s the sign of something lasting when a structure is flexible enough to mold itself around different ways of living and different values.”

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