6 thoughts on “Smart watches, Smart but….”

  1. No thoughts of Google’s Moto 360? While this is still the very early days of Android Wear, it seems like Google is attempting to push the competitors in the right direction.

  2. Google’s approach looks cumbersome. Withings activité nails it, no one needs yet another device to charge every single day next to a smartphone. Let’s see what apple, Microsoft, and Nokia have in store for us in this dpt.

  3. We carry phones. Because they add so much value. In the simplest, they help us make calls that are impossible without having a phone. Despite all the features, the watches have not come up with a single must-wear-all-the-time reason. I am ok glancing at my phone – its really not that much trouble compared to wearing a watch, keeping the damn thing in sync, remembering to carry it, charging it as needed, and then attending to this second screen when I don’t really want a phone to disturb me.

    I/we have learned how to deal with one device, barely. We are not ready to deal with two. Its not the design, its the cognitive burden of dealing with 2.

    We have ‘evolved’ to be phone users and carriers. We want our TVs and remotes to get into our phones.

    I want my phone to control my car, my TV, my home and many other devices. I don’t need a remote for my phone, my phone is the remote to the world.

    (May be I just haven’t seen the ‘one’ watch that will blow my mind. I hope it exists.)

  4. The way everyone made mistakes regarding the target group for the iPad, they are making mistakes about the target group for the wearable watch.
    In 2009, when the mobile operator asked us for a child tracking device which could be controlled from a dashboard, my product design team came up with the idea of the wearable watch, since most children would like a chance to wear a watch like their parents.

    When I was a kid, I loved the Casio digital range of watches, like the remote control watch and the phone directory watch and the calculator watch..Today I swear by my analog Rado, but I see why children would be the ideal target group based on limited calling functionality and visual element.

  5. I agree with @ahnyc that MOTO360 kinda feels something which would be a mass appeal device. I have the Pebble 1st version (not the Steel) & it looks not so good. But I had to try it and I am happy with its functionality so far. I am sure if the traditional watch companies jump in (like You have mentioned Swatch) that would be an interesting idea or maybe Google can collaborate just like they have done for Glass.

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