3 thoughts on “BuzzFeed & The Attention Game”

  1. Yup…that’s about 3 times the valuation of HuffPo when they were sold. I love Buzzfeed, but you’re right they are in the “attention business”. I’ll push it further by saying they are in the “sensationalization business.”
    They have totally taken buzzed content and put a megaphone on it. Where they go may be different from where they came from, though.

    1. William

      Thanks for the comment. I am pretty sure the whole idea is to find a new way into the future. As of now, they seem to be a reasonable bet in the media-tech-new-ecosystem landscape. Vox and Upworthy so far look like more traditional compared to these guys.

  2. Great blog post.

    It seems to me that they are very aware of the fact that the ‘attention business’ is getting harder and harder to extract value from which is why they are driving the seeding of viral content down to the technical stack. This is the way forward. At the same time, it smells like they are going to migrate upstream in the ‘content stack’ into higher quality content (and longer form). The combination of the two is very powerful. We have left the era of cheap content (democratisation) and the whole industry is going to move up the quality curve. The irony is that a lot of traditional publishing look to be moving down the quality curve, chasing low value eyeballs just when BuzzFeed et al are moving out.

    Regarding the scaleability of native content – I think the offering is so much more complex that we are far away from commoditising it in the same way we did banner ads. There is still a cycle of excess returns to be extracted from early adopters like BuzzFeed and others.

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