Goodbye Netflix

It was over ten years ago when I started talking to Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix about broadband and streaming. The company was still in the business of DVD rentals, but the I was sold on the idea of “Netflix” being the killer app of broadband. I cut the cord early — just after launching our NewTeeVee website — to eat my own dog food. I got rid of the television screens, and instead focused on watching video exclusively on my laptop.

In January 2007, I became a customer of Netflix streaming. I have been a big fan of the service, the company and its chief executive. I have enjoyed every minute on it. I respect their technical achievements and how they have expanded around the world, embedded themselves into every device and have become a cultural phenomenon.


As I try to reclaim my time for pursuits that include more reading, writing and creating, time has come to say goodbye to Netflix. I am sure I will miss a lot of great shows, great comedy specials and some amazing award-winning movies. However, the time is such a precious and limited commodity — and I need to spend it wisely. Sadly, that means saying goodbye to Netflix. As an Indian immigrant to America, a big thanks for helping bring Master of None. All I can say, thanks Reed and company — being your customer has been a lot of fun and games.

October 11, 2017, San Francisco

A letter from Om

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