Abiguity ​& Maleblity of Time

“We’re funny about time.  We build instruments to measure it, but our senses can’t dealt with very short or long periods.   It flies when we’re having fun and drags when we’re not.  A bit over a hundred years ago we learned that it doesn’t exist by itself, but it is part of something deeper called space-time. At the deepest level, it’s still a mystery  What we do know is Universe is always changing.  As people, we look backward and forwards. We wonder what will happen – where we’ve been and where we might be going.”

Steve Crandall

When a year ends, a new year starts. Such is the nature of time. Long before we were here, and long after we will be gone, the idea of 365 days might survive and helps us measure how old we are as a planet, and people. So on the eve of a new year, I offer you the words of my friend Steve. Happy 2019. And wishing you all a great life full of joy, happiness, honesty, and civility.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Norwood Themes

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