Peek Into The Future

4 thoughts on “Peek Into The Future”

  1. Just found myself nodding to every point you made in this. I was SO excited about the new display. It’s been ordered and on the way. In typical Apple fashion the new keyboard and trackpad have already arrived. Seeing where the future goes with all these various chips in devices is really exciting and much more interesting to me than the pure raw computing power. Ubiquitous computing has been a buzz word for a long time, but you can really feel momentum building these days.

  2. spot on, om—my first reaction, too—this is not just a better display—it is a high end experience engine for the remote first world we now live in!!!

  3. Great article. Although I’ve ordered a pair of Studio Displays, I’m second guessing myself if I should have ordered an XDR instead. The Studio Displays (from what I understand) are the same panel used in the 27” iMac so no local dimming and peak brightness of only 600 nits. Decisions, decisions.

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