“Tweek,” is an aggregation of the tweets I sent out during the week. It is a habit I picked up from Disquiet, a blog run by Marc Weidenbaum. It allows me to remember what I was thinking about during this specific time. It also allows me to correct my grammar and spelling. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, this is just the best of what I have shared with my community.) 

August 17: This is scary as hell.  @TMobile WTF? No one is talking about what happens to the data of former TMo customers? How are they being impacted? Link

August 18: Unless we have a law that heavily punishes these companies for completing messing up their customer’s lives, these companies won’t do shit. I mean @TMobile the same company, had another leak via @Experian how much abuse must consumers suffer? 

August 19: It is easy to get cynical about modern sport, & then you have Andrew Velazquez. 

August 19: Happy photography day! Shout to some of my friends who have helped guide and hold my hand on this visual journey — @chrismichel @vincentlaforet @colerise @danrubin & my friends  @LeicaCameraUSA & @apple for making the tools that make every moment art.

August 19: I am currently trapped in an important existential question: whether to watch which version of The Thomas Crown Affair I should watch – the original or the remake. I asked Twitter. Remake won, hands down

August 20: In the @Facebook metaverse @ work “puff piece” this exchange stood out: 

  • CBS’s @GayleKing: “I so miss people.”
  • Zuck: “You are more extroverted than me.”

August 21: If you can’t hear a podcast in any podcast app or service, it is not a podcast. It is a radio show. Spotify is remaking radio. Let’s stop pretending they are friends of podcasting.

August 21, 2021, San Francisco