Less Twitter

Over the past few weeks, every time I have opened Twitter, I am been assaulted by vitriol and find myself in a smog of verbal monoxide. Despite my best efforts to neutralize and eliminate the nonsensical, Twitter stream feels full of angst, outrage, and lack of civility. As a friend pointed out, “People twist facts … Continue reading Less Twitter

[Photos] Catalina, the island, not the macOS

Am I the only one who finds the desktop image for Apple’s latest macOS update, Catalina, less than stellar. After decades of beautiful visages of California’s majestic landscapes, I find the most recent edition quite a disappointment.  Catalina Island is quite beautiful, especially when seen from the air. Capturing photos of islands off the coast … Continue reading [Photos] Catalina, the island, not the macOS

A frame of mind

This past weekend, just before everything slowed down for Thanksgiving, I got a chance to reflect on my photographic journey. While it is easy to quantify the technological and social success of a craft such as photography, it is much harder for us to ask what the emotional impact is of creativity and creation. When … Continue reading A frame of mind

Mick Herron Books, & Night Rains in San Francisco

The rainy season has arrived in Northern California. And with it have come showers, cooler temperatures — it was 43 degrees on this morning’s walk — and a chance to wear sweaters, boots, and beautiful coats. Okay, raincoats, but still.  Yesterday evening, the widespread thundershowers meant that it was a perfect time to pack the … Continue reading Mick Herron Books, & Night Rains in San Francisco

The Kon Job

The ultimate objective of all influence is to sell us something. This is true even if the influencer is someone who has made a career out of telling the rest of us to get rid of things, eschew to excessive consumerism, and to own only things that spark joy. Yup, you guessed it right: Marie … Continue reading The Kon Job


WeWork “the millennial workplace as a capitalist kibbutz” gets the Vanity Fair treatment, thanks to Gabriel Sherman, who has written an explosive and entertaining story about the life, time and crimes of WeWork founder Adam Neumann, who is a billionaire, thanks to the largesse of Softbank and its backers.  There are a lot of juicy … Continue reading We(don’t)Work

Design isn’t alone in its lack of quality content—the web, by and large, has become a dumping ground for garbage. Most design content has become poor quality, surface-level content marketing that does more damage than good, because it offers over-simplified, misinformed perspectives dressed up as guidance. When the experienced don’t write, grifters step in, feign expertise, and sell it. 

Frank Chimero’s blog

I have been reading Frank’s blog for a very long time. He writes about design, but when extrapolated it applies to the web culture and the Internet as well. When reading his latest post, I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement. You can replace “design” with “venture capital,” “startups,” “marketing,” “fashion,” or just about anything, and the core message won’t change. More often than not, you will find much of this fluff on Medium or some copy cat version, like Forbes.com. Obviously, you know how I feel about content & marketing.