Climate Neutral

Fair Trade, USDA Organic, and now Climate Neutral. Climate Neutral is a logo that is “carried by brands that measure, reduce, and offset all of the carbon generated by making and delivering their products.” The idea for the new label comes from Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design, a camera accessories company. There are many … Continue reading Climate Neutral

Oh Annie

Google held its fall product launch event in New York. There were some good bits, some great bits, and there was a bit that was a head-scratcher. It involved famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, who was invited on stage to talk about the Pixel 4 phone and its photography capabilities. It was a bit of a … Continue reading Oh Annie

“It’s also locking down a new model for the smart home that will rely on Google as an essential gatekeeper for Nest devices. This will keep Google in the game as it negotiates with other device makers and platforms,” writes my former colleague Stacey Higginbotham about Google’s new approach to its smart home ecosystem. It is a good analysis for you to read when done reading all the news about Google event today.