“The common thread in the narrative is Patterson. This was not an unintentional act of goodwill that went bad,” says Nigel Jones of Kingston 11 on celebrity chef Daniel Patterson in this polite but brutal look by SF Eater at celebrity chef’s grandiose image. Like his buddy David Chang, the Coi chief/chef, in my opinion, is highly overrated and is too busy being a star. One is wannabe-Bourdain. And the other is a wanna-be Rene. Every single time I have been to many of their spots, I have been sorely disappointed by food. To me, that is what really matters when it comes to chefs.

Awesome. Actually not so Awesome

“In France the most often used word is ‘connerie,’ which means ‘bullshit and in America it’s hands-down ‘awesome,’ which has replaced ‘incredible,’ ‘good,’ and even ‘just OK.’ Pretty much everything that isn’t terrible is awesome in America now. It just got out of hand to me. Everything’s awesome all the time. I was in Boulder, Colorado and someone said, ‘I’ll have a double espresso, awesome,’ and the other person said, ‘Awesome.’ I went to the Great Wall of China once, and I have to say it was awe-inspiring. I would say it was “awe-inspiring,” I wouldn’t say it was “awesome.” A Pepsi isn’t awesome; it’s just not.” 

David SedarisVia