Being a fan of all things mechanical and analog, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I immensely appreciate watches. I particularly appreciate the work of  Grand Seiko watchmakers. I have struggled to embrace the Apple Watch fully, as I like wearing my beloved Grand Seiko. None of my friends have such problems — they are all in on Apple’s wrist computer. And like everyone else, I thought Apple Watch would impact the watch industry, but I didn’t see this twist in the tale.

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7 Good Links

the letters read read are made out of bookshelves
Photo by Ishaq Robin on Unsplash

Marc Weidenbaum chronicles The Rise and Rise of Voice AI. 

Talking about AI, fans are trying to keep slain rapper Moosewala’s voice alive. This is a creative conundrum for the future, and we will see more of this. 

Before there was iPhone, there was Blackberry & before Crackberry, there were beepers. What the hell are beepers?

There is a mobile phone museum. What a nostalgia trip. I have used so many of these.

Where do weather apps get their data? (via)

A look at how vacuum cleaning giant Dyson researches and develops its products. 

I can see why Dave Winer has little trust in the establishment media. I would be too.

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I have been in Silicon Valley long enough to see it transform from a group of outlier revolutionaries to play-safe career chasers. Recently, I have watched arrivistes who, if not in technology, would be running a penny stock brokerage based somewhere in Long Island or producing B-movies, living on the edge of Hollywood. In recent times, the near-zero interest rate fueled a boom in technology, making everyone look like a genius, forgetting that the rising tide lifts all wrecks. Of course, some have become self-proclaimed faces of Silicon Valley. 

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