Not the dancing shoes! 

Captured with iPhone 7plus and slight modifications. Reduced the saturation and highlights to bring more balance to the photo.

Shoes vs Smartphones

Why San Francisco is not New York, an article by Nick Bilton for the New York Times in response to somewhat (expectedly) meh feature (Is San Francisco New York?) by a magazine called New York, created a lot of buzz and chatter in the twitter sphere. Emily Chang talked about it on her show. I somehow missed all the hoopla, being busy with Structure Data, in New York. Having lived in both places for roughly equal amount of time, I can say that whole SF/New York debate is result of magazine editors having as much imagination as taste of a boiled pea. 


The difference between two cities was made obvious when I walked past a Nike store in Soho, where I say a lot of people lined up to buy limited edition sneakers that are result of a design collaboration between Nike and Givenchy designer, Italian born Riccardo Tisci. I know there are a lot sneaker-fans in San Francisco Bay Area, but I don’t see lines outside stores as often. On the other hand  I have often encountered “Standing in Queues for Sneakers” phenomena in the Big Apple. Back in SF we line up for new iPhones. 

Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Force 1 Collection 3 Nike x riccardo tisci nike r t air force one1

Why a man’s shoes matter (to a woman)

Carmina Boots

The truth is that women want to look down and see that this is a man who understands – through the nuance of a leather upper, a shoelace, a stitch – nuance in the quality of life. How you see your shoes, after all, is how you see the world. Or something like that — Jenny Bahn

Shoes, often tell a lot more about a person that most people think. It is a subconscious thing and only a few notice. How we dress (or things we pick) are often a reflection of our state of mind — doesn’t matter if you think you are fashionable or stylish or both.

Three Really Great Shoes (for the Fall)

Summer is officially over and what that temperatures start to dip, little by little. And that means, it is time to bring out the boots. Given that most of us (in tech) tend to wear jeans pretty much all the time, I believe investing in a pair of good boots is a smart decision. They look good and can stand the daily wear and tear. There are dozens of options but I wanted to highlight three from US boot makers — Oak Street Bootmakers, RedWing and Wolverine. You can add Alden to the mix as well, but if you are shopping for boots, you need to take a close look at these.

What shoes to wear in cooler months

October (and fall) snuck up on us real fast. And what that means is slightly chilly days lie ahead of us and it is also time for me to write a follow up on my what shoes to wear this summer post from earlier this year.

The nip in the air means that you can no-longer wear your flip flops or your slip-ons. The sneakers are nice, but it is time to rethink your shoe options. Here are my criterion for making decisions about autumn shoes: