Eleven (years of blogging)

I have published GigaOM a lot longer before it was a blog. It was a website where all the links went to articles from Forbes, Red Herring and other publications I used to write for. It was an archive for all my email newsletters. It was home to my resume. But in December 2001, MovableType’s Ben Trott installed the MovableType software for me and with that GigaOm, the blog was born.

This year, I celebrated its eleventh birthday by taking a quiet walk down embarcadero on a very rainy day, musing about how the world (and blogging has) changed since then. I thought about how blogging changed me, my view of the world, and how I practice the art of writing. It helped me discover my voice and myself.  Continue reading “Eleven (years of blogging)”

Merry Christmas Everyone

I love the holidays, except I don’t really care about the gross commercialization of Christmas. I believe you give gifts and spread cheer all the year around and not around Christ’s birthday. Nevertheless, Christmas break gives me a chance to reflect on the year that was and all the amazing things that happened including finding … Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone

A denim brand to remember


Jeans are a highly individual choice. Everyone has a different fit. Everyone likes a different kind of wash and most have an affinity with one brand or another, depending on how they fit. Sure, you can get trendy and let yourself be guided by what’s cool, or one can act his (or her) age — as in my case — and find a pair of jeans that is classic, comfortable and understated. 

Continue reading “A denim brand to remember”