(h)Indie Madness

Ever wonder what’s up with all these movies coming out – here is a low down from a fellow blogger In the last few years, there has been a spate of low budget Indian English movies. They don’t have the polish and sophistication that established directors, expensive sets and pricy cinematographers bring to a movie. … Continue reading (h)Indie Madness

Necking Nooks of Bombay

Looking for Love…well if you are in Bombay, one thing is for sure, it is not at home. Instead you have to go elsewhere to well *makeout.* Along Marine Drive, a sweeping ocean promenade ringed by fading art-deco buildings, lovers gather along the sea wall, kissing and caressing each other, seemingly oblivious to the showers … Continue reading Necking Nooks of Bombay

Just a breakbeat bonanza

Visionary Underground (UK) + Dhamaal Soundsystem (SF) + special guest DJ Tree (Mystik Alchemy), Friday 09.19.03 @ IACC Center (2210 Lincoln Blvd, Venice) Visionary Underground on FutureBreaks FM Tune in and listen to 90.3 KUSF for an hour long DJ/Tabla Set with DJ Feelfree and Aref Durvesh. Futurebreaks aires every Saturday from 4pm-6pm (San Francisco) … Continue reading Just a breakbeat bonanza