Hair This

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating story about how Indian hair donated by devotees visiting the world famous Tirupati temple end up on the head of washed out celebrities like Lisa Marie Presley. Although India is a small part of the global hair business, compared to the market leader China, so-called Indian temple hair … Continue reading Hair This

The mighty minidisc finds a niche and actually becomes profitable

From Red Herring October 2000 issue Paul Budnitz is bemused by the falling fortunes of online retailers. For the 32-year-old president and founder of the minidisc e-tailer Minidisco in Berkeley, California, business has never been better. Introduced by Sony almost eight years ago, the minidisc is about half the size of a compact disc and allows music lovers to record music … Continue reading The mighty minidisc finds a niche and actually becomes profitable

Backoffice India

From Red Herring October 2000 issue Every so often India is rediscovered. Hippies in the ’60s sought enlightenment there. Then came the Deepak Chopra enthusiasts. And now, venture capitalists are seeking to cash in on a raft of Internet startups. But like the early spiritual travelers, most VCs are about to discover how elusive nirvana … Continue reading Backoffice India

Message Boards

From Forbes Magazine, Sept 13, 1999 These are a mixed blessing. You post messages on them; others respond — agreeing, disagreeing or elaborating. BODY: Yadda, yadda, yadda. These bulletin boards are noisy and full of useless chatter, with an occasional jewel buried there. The bulk of the entries are ill-informed opinions, rumors and even outright … Continue reading Message Boards