Tuscany from the lens of iPhone 8+

I was in Tuscany, Italy recently and had a chance to put the new iPhone 8+ through the paces. While I made a lot of photos with my Leica SL, I wanted to take a moment and share some of the fantastic photos that came out of the iPhone. These photos are a joy — straight JPEGs out of the phone, with my special, presets applied to give them a more uniform feel. The iPhone8+ is a spectacular camera, especially under good light — much less noisy compared to its predecessors. These are handheld shots and you can see the improvement from the early iPhone models in optical stabilization is incredible.

I don’t see any reason why anyone needs a point and shoot, or even a medium priced camera. Most of us don’t print photos. We share and consume photos on digital screens. And if these are good enough to be a desktop background, they are good enough for sharing. For me, smartphone photography is the future. One needs to learn how to make it professional grade by applying skills and not thinking about the camera.

Flummoxed by Summilux SL

I recently visited Tuscany and spent a week with friends, unplugged; spending as much time eating, hiking and photographing the beautiful landscape. It has been a fun week, but I have struggled with photography.

Why I make photos

Marc Champagne (great name) founder of the Kyo app, emailed a few months ago and wanted to chat with me for a podcast. He wanted to know more about my approach to photography. I don’t quite have an approach, except as I told him “I find photography a way of capturing what I’m feeling and sharing it with others.” During the conversation with Marc, I mused about my approach to life…“Are you living your life by a set of rules and regulations set by society?” And perhaps now you know why I am not so keen on going on with Facebook and other social networks that start to influence how I do things.

Steve Jobs Theater… Some Photos

“From the very beginning, I’ve protested the idea that an office headquarters, whether it’s mega or micro, is only about work. It’s about lifestyle.” Norman Foster, the architect who designed the new Apple’s Campus2.

Mile Rock Beach

Mile Rock Beach, San Francisco, September 2017. Made with Fuji x100F. ISO 200, 3s at f/16 using an f2/23mm (35mm equivalent on full frame lens.)