[Photos] Catalina, the island, not the macOS

Am I the only one who finds the desktop image for Apple’s latest macOS update, Catalina, less than stellar. After decades of beautiful visages of California’s majestic landscapes, I find the most recent edition quite a disappointment.  Catalina Island is quite beautiful, especially when seen from the air. Capturing photos of islands off the coast … Continue reading [Photos] Catalina, the island, not the macOS

A frame of mind

This past weekend, just before everything slowed down for Thanksgiving, I got a chance to reflect on my photographic journey. While it is easy to quantify the technological and social success of a craft such as photography, it is much harder for us to ask what the emotional impact is of creativity and creation. When … Continue reading A frame of mind


When I think about what is that one project I could dedicate myself to, that will combine my passion for seascapes, emptiness, and; it probably would involve lighthouses. I would love nothing more than to follow the lighthouses from the top to the bottom of both of America’s coasts. I have no idea why, but … Continue reading Lighthouses