“When people become engrossed in what they are doing, they enter a state that is called ‘flow. Flow can be achieved by engaging in mental or physical activities that we value and that require us to concentrate fully to use our skills. When we enter a state of flow, we become absorbed and focused, and … Continue reading “Flow”

04.04.2023 Musings

Sometimes, when sitting quietly, enjoying a cooling cup of perfectly crafted pour-over coffee, I find myself staring at the back of my hand. In front of my eyes lies a landscape akin to the red sand of the American Southwest that lay baking under the scorching sun after a week of rain. You can see … Continue reading 04.04.2023 Musings

Slow Horses

“I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm,” an observation by Franklin D. Roosevelt came to mind when I was watching the first two episodes of Slow Horses. It is a new television series that debuted on Apple TV+ this … Continue reading Slow Horses

Winter. Made with Leica SL. Photo by Om Malik

I was full of ideas when I went to sleep and was going to take some time today and write. But last evening, after FDA approved the second booster shot for folks over 50, I got my second booster shot. It has been six months since I got my booster, and I got nervous. I am glad to have the booster, as I plan to travel shortly.

The reaction to the second booster has been pretty much the same as my previous three vaccine shots – pain in the arm, a little tired, and a tad groggy. Still, it has sapped my enthusiasm to write. So, once I am finished with my routine work, I will take some time and spend the rest of the day reading. Disconnected reading, to be precise, is where I read a book or articles on a screen that is not tethered to a network.

I use my iPad Mini in an offline mode to read, and I save and download all the stuff I want to read in either the Safari Reading List or Pocket. I have only recently started to use Readwise, and I am still in the early part of my journey with that product, but that is a good product to use for making notes and tagging my archives. I find disconnected reading is a good antidote to the social media reality of modern media. Mike Solano puts it best in his recent newsletter: 

Twenty years in, our social internet is a medium of communication that appears to tend naturally toward ephemerality, chaos, and mistrust, which in turn engenders a sense of insecurity among most people.

SlapHappy/ Mike Solano

Have a great Wednesday. 

March 30, 2022. San Francisco.