7 Sunday Reads

Inside the US campaign to cut China out of the technology supply chain: Nikkei Asia has an excellent overview of how the current tensions between the US and China are reshaping the technology supply chain. The shift of manufacturing to non-China locations and the pressures on suppliers is something we don’t think about, but they … Continue reading 7 Sunday Reads

Is Las Vegas a Super Spreader?

Analysis of cellphone data by X-Mode and Tectonix during four days (Friday to Monday) in mid-July shows that many of the roughly 26,000 devices identified on the Las Vegas Strip showed up in every state on the mainland except Maine in those same four days. This spread reminds me of how people traveled from New York City to different parts of the country and helped spread the virus. Will Las Vegas casinos become the hotspots, and the city itself will become a super spreader?

Read: Las Vegas gambling with lives/ProPublica.

An elephant’s 1700-mile pandemic trip

What an uplifting story about an elephant who spent most of her life in captivity, alone and finally found a friend and a place to roam free. If anything, just think of our past few months, and then imagine who hard past 25 years must have been for this animal. As an invasive species, it might be time for us to really rethink our planet in context with its other inhabitants. #nontech

How to move an elephant 1700-miles in the middle of a pandemic? / The New York Times