My New Interview: Ragnar Axelsson

I’d like to introduce you to Ragnar Axelsson, an Icelandic photographer who is well-known for chronicling the lives of subsistence hunters, fishermen, and farmers in the Arctic, the North Atlantic, Northern Scandinavia, and Siberia.

Rax, as he is affectionately called, is a longtime Leica photographer with the instincts of a career photojournalist. His books, Faces of the North and The Last Days of the Arctic, tell a poignant story about climate change and its impact on our planet. While in Iceland, we met up to discuss photography, climate change, and life in the Far North.

Some thoughts on Vox Media layoffs

I have some thoughts on Vox Media — most of them in the native video efforts. Vox like many of its peers took a big bet on Facebook Video efforts and essentially ended up finding out that when it comes to Facebook, it is the house and the house always wins.

Should Spotify buy Sonos

If some job listings are to be believed, then Spotify might be getting into the hardware business. I am not sure, how much of that is true, but it makes perfect sense. Spotify should be thinking about vertical integration — its content, its distribution and its own speakers — it wants to compete with Apple, Amazon, and Google. Those three companies are making their speakers, have their music services and have their distribution channels. 

The Past vs the Future

Toa heftiba future past

The student protests in the wake of the Florida shooting are a sign of something bigger. Bob Lefsetz says it is about the “frustration with the status quo, the youth of this country are fed up with the expedience of their elders, who’ve sold out to their pocketbooks.”I couldn’t agree more. As I tweeted last night, “the response to this tragic event encapsulates the great struggles of our time: old men hanging onto a past that does not exist & a new generation that is fighting for a future it wants to build.” I am betting on the future, and thus I am with the youth of the country., We need to build a world for them, not for those hesitant to embrace change.

Photo by Toa Heftiba via Unsplash