1,230 thoughts on “My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too”

  1. Very insightful. I have followed your writing for quite some time and have enjoyed its range and depth. Being someone who writes a little bit, I can imagine how challenging it is to come up with original content so frequently. So hats off to you on that front. Wish you all the best!


  2. My takeaway – 215 words for a blog posting captures a decade of experience and best practice … Thanks for the benchmark !

  3. All that and he’s a nice guy, too. PHEW!!! Congrats, Om. May your diligence and thoughtfulness continue to inspire.

  4. Congrats, Om. I’ve learned a lot about what I do from you. Thanks for the insight, advice and entertainment – whether I got it from your writing or otherwise.

    1. Thanks from rmf5961 of the Twitter genre. I was really impressed with this work, which actually, I saw a post on twitter from Daniel Chow, naming this URL via the tinyer url approach. Blogging is great, and it is a monument online to have an article like this one, above, helping the rest of us, to gain perspective. 10 years! OMA’G That is definitely perspective. Thanks, again. Happy Holidays. 2011 – 2012.

  5. I strongly believe there’s a market for big-picture news that goes beyond grapevine gossip (that’s what’s become of techcrunch, IMO). I appreciate, that you appreciate readers time. A serious businessman / entrepreneur would prefer 5 relevant/game changing insights a day vs. 50 posts full of gossip for the average joe.

    All of this leads me to believe that GigaOm has a strong brand and potential of becoming the Forbes of tech entrepreneurs.

  6. You consistently wrote for 10 long years and inspired millions across the globe! There is a great deal lot to learn from your blogging stint. Wish you all the best for coming decades 🙂

  7. Interesting article. Ten years on blog is a long time, well done! I also have a blog, just for fun though. It has been a nice experience, it is encouraging when people express interest in what you write. I would disagree with your view on posting something on daily basis. Rather than posting for the sake of quantity it’s better to focus on originality of your content.

    1. Nina, I am a professional news/industry blogger so I have to write everyday there is news of importance. But I don’t post for the sake of posting. I hope that was clear in the post. Also thanks for your kind words.

  8. Wish I could follow you advice (wait 15 minutes before posting) when it comes to the craziness about the Newt running for President – as if he had not already been turned out of the political arena.

  9. Congrats, Om. Your blog inspired me to start blogging in 2004. At the time, it seemed like an interesting exercise for a journalist interested in checking out a new medium. Never did I think it would play a key part professionally in leading me to where I am today!

    cheers, Mark

  10. Om, thanks for all the wonderful thoughtful and soulful blogging you do! You are what we call an NBB — Natural Born Blogger. No one needed to show you how to do it, you knew how to do it birth.

    As they say in India: Mazel tov! 🙂

    1. Dave thank you for your comment and your constant encouragement — even in dark days when things didn’t make much sense. A good teacher is one who shows the way, and you certainly did.

  11. You and Fred (avc.com) are two of the reasons I started my own blogs. And your two communities are two that I never tire of participating in.


  12. You have achieved so much in ten years and you have done so with style, modesty and humility, and that, I believe is why you have so many followers .. like me. Looking forward to seeing more of your big picture stuff over the next 10 years. Cyrus

  13. Bravos, Om! Thanks for sharing. You truly are an inspiration. Please allow me to also praise Dave Winer. For years the sub-head of my blog was a profound thought by Dave from 2005, ever more relevant: “People come back to places that send them away.”

  14. Great to read about your journey! Your 10 lesson helped me to understand blog more clearly than before. I’ve started following GigaOm some one and half year back. Congratulations on the first 10. Cheers!


  15. Om, congrats on your first successful 10 years of “blogging” – you say you’d tend to focus on the bigger “big pictures” stories. What are the top x themes you’re paying attention to these days?

  16. Om, I got inspired by your post to write my own…. I have a hard time writing but try as hard as I can. My thought is that writing can be hard for people, because it puts your thoughts out into the word. You can be wrong, people can judge, or simply disagree. Not everyone can handle that and are in fact afraid to have opinions.
    I argue that writing is about accepting being wrong.

  17. Nice read, Om. I first saw you on an epi of Cranky Geeks. Then looked into podcast. I enjoy your writing and your team’s writing.

    Congrats on a long tenure.

  18. Thank you for being part of my life for those 10 years. I’ve been blogging almost 11 now, and you’ve brought so many good tech companies and issues into my view. Plus, you’re a great guy to hang out with and a quality human being that I’m honored to know. Here’s to the next decade of GigaOm!

    1. Such a self-centred comment. And you couldn’t help but mentioning that you’ve been blogging for 11 years.

  19. Bravo, Om! Thanks for your writing. You inform and inspire us in so many unique ways. Here’s one to yet another successful decade.