8 thoughts on “A million FTTH Subscribers in the US”

  1. Great story, but I need to correct one important point. Above you state, “Given that Verizon FIOS has only 100,000 subscribers (a million homes passed) the deployments are by smaller players, and that makes the news doubly interesting.”

    You’re selling us (i.e. VZ, my employer) way short.

    Verizon had 375,000 paid FiOS data subscribers by July 1 of this year and that number is probably north of 500,000 today. We also had passed 4.5 million homes by the middle of this year and expect to have passed 6 million by the end of 2006.

    I’d guess your 100,000 number may have been from the count of video subs we have to date.

    Hope you can update your post.

  2. What number are FiOS-TV? What number are Broadband only? What speed? When comparing to the 6.3 million Japan I’m told Japan’s includes: VoIP phone, HD-TV, and 100Mb Internet ($65 a month). VZ is not triple play (over the fiber) and phone is not VoIP, HD-TV, and only 5Mb Internet ($150/mo).


  3. Nice for some; but it’s late 2006 and my house is 26k wtih VZ. Can you tell my whenn they’ll knock on my door?

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