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  1. This brings to mind an article I read yesterday about how web 2.0 needs to get over itself. Does 30Boxes really expect the “average” web user to get an RSS feed from EvokeTV and import it into their 30Boxes? I don’t want to sit on the sidelines and criticize but isn’t there a better way? I’m pretty web savvy and that still sounds like a lot of work. Can’t they have some kind of two way API between the two sites?

    Web 2.0 is supposed to be about integration and a “rich” user interface right? And I think it’s been established that sites that are easy to use have been the most successful (see: netvibes, craigslist). I think it would benefit a lot of these websites to make things as easy as possible for the average user so that they can get some penetration outside of the techcrunch crowd. Personally I like 30Boxes, but integrating it with outlook etc has been a bit of a chore. I’m interested to see how many people take advantage of the new evoketv partnership.

  2. Joel,

    We definitely do NOT expect the average web user to hunt down an RSS feed from EvokeTV. In fact, the average web user will not even be a user of EvokeTV!

    The average web user doesn’t even use “popular” Web2.0 apps like Flickr.

    Even so we have made it fairly seemless to add Flickr, Webshots, and others simply with a username.

    The bottom line is that we are having fun and trying to put out ideas and interface concepts that challenge the norm. We want creative people to help illustrate what your “calendar” might do for your and EvokeTV is on such example.

  3. I can’t understand why I would go to one site for my schedule, another for email, another for file storage, another to create a document. These things are currently linked together in desktop apps for a very good reason. A calendar without an associated email client means you have to switch apps (sites) to invite people to a meeting, for example.
    The Outlook issue is important because it addresses offline access. We felt we had to build an full Outlook sync utility (email, contacts, calendar)into our app early on for this very reason, otherwise we’d lose the business traveler market. If I’m offline and get a call to schedule a meeting, what good is an online calendar to me?
    30 Boxes is a nice thing but in my world we have to sell hundreds of thousands of business owners on SaaS and these are the issues they always raise.

  4. Remember, 30b isn’t for the hard core business user! We will soon have email scheduling so you could actually write an email and send it to 30boxes and based on your subject actually set up a meeting with lots of folks, put it on your calendar, and attach the body of the email to it…

  5. What would be useful is a way (plugin?) for Outlook to pull 30boxes in. This way one could sync to a Treo or something similar and I can just carry that around with me.

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