29 thoughts on “Akamai Sues Limelight Networks”

  1. CDN = Content Distribution Network

    4 players in this section, Akamai, Limelight, VitalStream, Savvis who took over C&S’s liquidation.

    Anybody has ideas what the patent is about?

  2. Sagan will never learn. This just puts Limelight on the map. Eventually he will have to buy them too.

  3. Limelight was already on the map. Anyone who is familiar with the sector knows about them. They have better support and prices than Akamai so the boys in Boston are getting nervous.

    Look at the size of their latest customers. YouTube & Brightcove alone will probably end up pushing more bandwidth than 50% of Akamai’s customers within a year.

  4. i think the big issue will this lawsuit throw a monkey wrench in limelight’s works. could this become a problem when it comes to growth and raising future financing.

  5. Recently it seems like increased funding, whether through VC or public offering, triggers IP infringement law suites. Perhaps it is just coincidence, but I wonder. Are there teams of lawyers and accountants out there who just sit around reading SEC disclosures and funding rumors while cross referencing patents, just waiting for the most opportune moment to pull the litigative trigger?

  6. All those CDNs are legacy technology. Netli is the Web 2.0 ADN (application delivery network) They can accelerate dynamic and static web content to local-like performance with no changes to the infrastructure.

    Check out what there customer HP says:
    “Netli’s NetLightning service has given us the outstanding performance we required with a transparent implementation and no capital investment,” said Tony Hinojosa, Portal Development Manager of the Enterprise Solutions Partners Division’s DSPP Web site at HP. “Since we subscribed to NetLightning, our DSPP site has been averaging more than two million additional hits per month and our worldwide partners can now access information in less than a second, making them happier and more productive. To put it simply, Netli is one of the best partnerships I have had in my 13 years at HP.” http://www.netli.com/news/testimonials/

  7. Akamai has done well dominating the CDN space and has now enterd into application performance services. The company is doing well and seems like it’s here to stay!

    Suing Limelight will put heat on them and who knows maybe Akamai will buy Limelight just like it did with SpeedEra.

  8. Limelight is the most solid CDN on the market. We have used Vitalstream and others, but Limelight has the best uptime and customer service. Limelight also delivers all the STEAM content (video game downloads, large files) and they deliver most of the video for the high end players.

    Akami is an overpriced behemoth that is trying to squeeze out the better priced, and better delivery, competition.

    Go Limelight!!!!!

  9. i agree with David.

    Check out what the SEC thinks of this CEO. path rinehart &prssweb=Search&ei=UTF-8&fr=FP-tab-web-t400&x=wrt&u=www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/comp17701.htm&w=critical path rinehart&d=fuTp7jmtNHbY&icp=1&.intl=us

    Guess Goldman Sachs private equity no longer does due diligence.

  10. Ahh I miss the good ol days of inflating numbers, talking about edge this and that, and most of all doing a press release every time we streamed something.

    Listen the InterWeb is the wild west and Mr. Rinehart is just playing by those rules. If the boys in NYC want to give up the money whats wrong with that? Once they implode via scandle, youboob will find another startup who will provide them with below cost hosting to fule ‘yet another round of funding’.

    At least they dont have to worry about sunspots.



  11. Who ever is spreading false information should be ashamed of themselves. Myspace’s CDN is VitalStream, get your fact straight buddy.

  12. MySpaces uses both Akamai and LimeLight, depending on the application. I know, I work there, and on this exact stuff. Blah.

  13. Hey guys Akamai Is just playin the fool guys Lime light has got a pretty good development team and they are based out of Scottsdale AZ.They have infact got a great package to offer with cheap pricing.Their provisioning seems to be good and they have a good support services system.

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