3 thoughts on “Alan Kay, HP research guru given the pink slip?”

  1. After PARC, Apple, Disney, and HP, Kay is probably used to it by now. He’s a famous visionary, but his work doesn’t make money, so he lives off the patronage of big tech companies. Next up, Google?

  2. Didn’t Alan also work for Atari in the design of the 800 and 400 computers? And then the chipset that Atari alumni walked to Commodore for the Amiga? Anyone remember the history here.

    I still have my copy of De Re Atari!

    For a company like HP, who dares to use the tagline INVENT, the bad publicity of letting Mr. Kay go not only goes against the grain, but also removes someone who should be mentoring young engineers at a time where it seriously needs true innovations.

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