4 thoughts on “American to Orbitz: No More Flights For You”

  1. Interesting news. Om, American Airlines was one of the founders of Orbitz. Somewhat ironically, if I recall correctly, Orbitz was started to preserve margin for major airlines by allowing them to create their own service that would compete against the major third party booking services. I don’t know if AA still owns any share of the company at this time.

  2. I don’t think you really understand the travel industry, specifically the role played by the various major GDS providers. Perhaps you should research this a little more before writing any more posts similar to this one.

    1. Wow, Allan, quite a harsh reply and, in fact, off point. Bailey’s comments are largely accurate and relate to the article. As I work for a major GDS, I’m not sure what your point is or how it relates here.

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