8 thoughts on “And Now T-Mobile Joins The $99 Unlimited Party”

  1. Why are all the blogs making such a big deal about this price war, when Metro PCS already offers unlimited calling for $35/month???

  2. Unlimited price-plans get very interesting when they allow you to do VOIP over that data network at no additional charge. If VOIP over WiMax has a shot at doing well, I think Sprint is in a pretty good position to play in the price war because WiMax is supposed to be all about network efficiency and moving data seamlessly over an IP backbone.



  3. Unlimited is nothing new. Leap Wireless and Metro PCS have been doing it for years and still making a profit. This is only good news for these smaller players, as not only does it validate their pricing model, it also validates their business strategy. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile are not setup to offer wireless service at anywhere near the cost structure of Leap and Metro, and as the larger competitors begin to destroy the highest end of their ARPU, and as cost competition drives down the price of unlimited rate plans, they will only dangerously erode their profitability. Leap and Metro will continue to offer unlimited plans for half the price of their competitors, and do it without contracts.

  4. HA HA HA HA. I have an UNLIMITED plan, phone and text for $40! WOOOHHOOO!
    (Pocket Communications in Texas). NO Contracts, NO strings.

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