2 thoughts on “AOL VoIP is almost live now”

  1. when will VONAGE figure out “””YOU MUST RIDE LEVEL3 to get Quality of NETWORK””????????????

    seems MOST are coming to the “””Level3 Inside Model of VOIP”””


  2. How does “Level3 Inside Model” really work? In all likelyhood both the end-points are on public Internet. So, Level3 must have presence globally and VoIP service provider must force media traffic to go through Level3 POPs. Isn’t this akin to what happens in circuit switching? If so, can the cost advantage be maintained?

    I am all confused: one day we are told that public Internet is good enough to carry “better than PSTN quality voice” (Skype); another day we are told we have to have managed network. Even so, how do we maintain quality in the tails?

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