23 thoughts on “With iPhone In Mind, Apple Buys Chip Maker”

  1. Om, you missed the point PA Semi’s product is based on IBM’s PowerPC architecture (!) and it is not aimed at the iPhone.

  2. Wow, 5 to 13 watts is a bit hot for a cell phone. They’ll have to scale back on wattage to make that work for the iPhone.

  3. Apple’s decision is going to pose a problem for Intel Corp.

    … are unlikely to cede that spot for the near foreseeable future.

    … core chip that consumes between 5-to-13 …

  4. Klaus

    you are right but I think they are acquiring the team and they are going to do their own tweaks in order to make chips that work best for their PID devices, aka iPhone. They are acquiring a pretty nifty team of chip heads who are lowering power consumption.

  5. @ Stacey & Andrew

    Yes, that is a lot of power consumption but now they can dedicate the team on tackling the problem of speed-heat. More reporting on this later today

  6. Actually Om, I was trying to correct the words you used or omitted. Looks like you used spell check, but didn’t reread before posting.

    Sorry if I came off as a grammar Nazi/jerk.

  7. “Consuming 5-13 watts” – that is a power hug, even for mogile market.
    Current mobile chips consume less then 5W idling, Atom consumes a fraction of that. At 5W consumption your battery life on PID will be a joke.

  8. Om, IMHO Steve Jobs figured he must try everything to lock out competition on the hardware/cloning front.

    Jobs does not want to see a Compaq <-> IBM compatible PC scenario developing again.

    Jobs wants to move back to (now their own) PowerPC chips COMPLETELY (if possible)

    Will this work? The chances are very low, but if this works out Jobs is The Man again.

  9. Since they do maintain an os for both intel and powerpc processors, I would not be that surprised if they come up with something nifty powered by that chip.

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