7 thoughts on “Babble SIP Softphone”

  1. Yes, tried it on a pc. called a few cell numbers in US. worked perfect. And free too. Cant understand how one can offer free calls to zone 1 and still build a viable business.

    Like they say, whats the catch? yet to find out.. For now happy calling to all zone1 numbers..that too with zero balance in the account.

  2. A truely exceptional service! It worked first time from download and has perfect sound quality too. And yes I called the UK for free…

    Long live Babble.

  3. Called UK landline and US cell phone. The quality was very good. The problem – the caller ID comes as restricted – don’t know how many ppl take calls that has no caller ID.
    Surprisingly, calls to India are cheaper than calls to UK cell phones.

  4. Works solidly & price is unbeatable – also don’t have to ask anti tech people to load software when they are in free zone!

  5. the babble phone service worked fine this evening but after making some calls . i cant hear the voice of the person im calling and the other party cant hear my voice too ! but im able to make calls without voice !!

    any idea why its happening??

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