3 thoughts on “Bangladesh Builds FTTH System”

  1. from a non-techie based in dhaka.

    We apparently already have Fibre Optic Broadband in Dhaka. Sadly, there are severe speed restrictions. Each ISP is allowed 10Mbps. I have a shared 256Kbps line (works out to 10-15kbps when the going is good – rates between 50 – 200kbps on dslreports) and apparently things are not going to be any different for a long long time. 256kbps is the top end of their home offering and this has increased from 64kbps of 6 months ago.

    Am I misinformed? Are things expected to get better?

  2. Thats an awesome news. I live in Dhaka myself and is often terrorised by two freaks of the nature (well, not really from the nature, but freaks anyway). One is the terrible power outage that happens out of no where and another one is the despicable bandwidth our ISP’s provide. I hope this will clear our our frustration a little bit.

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