10 thoughts on “BitTorrent Snags Warner Brothers”

  1. Om – The dirt swirling the past couple of weeks is OS X Leopard is going to have bittorrent built in. Makes me wonder if Apple iTunes is the ultimate benefactor of that move.

    Hope you’ll post what you know/find out when you can.


  2. Om you forgot about Peer Impact who has a great closed p2p platform and the only p2p bussiness model that the early adoptors and techies are going to adopt becuse they give users up to a 5% maximim system credit on the sales price of content for uploading .that is placed in thier account for future purchses on the network .


    Bob Cringley on Peer Impact and the future of p2p

  3. iTunes and Bittorrent technology would be an excellent match. Maybe then iTunes would start selling higher quality files and I would consider buying them. No way am I buying DRM electronic content if it is not of at least comparable quality to that obtained from physical media.

  4. One caveat to all of this.

    If you look at the execution of bittorrent so far, it has been very disappointing.

    Their client is not considered to be the best nor is their web site and search of much quality either. I am skeptical of their success.

    As an experiment here, why not take a look at the client types on peers when downloading a torrent. What percentage do you see?

  5. The positive view is certainly that WB is going after people who are currently downloading pirated material, trying to find people who would go for a legal alternative if it were available. I think people who buy dvds don’t download via bittorrent so it’s unlikely to cut into dvd sales.

    I think it’s important that WB acknowledge they are offering something with far less utility than a dvd and charge a cheaper price accordingly. I strongly believe if they charge the same price as a dvd for a download, the download experiment is doomed to fail.

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