4 thoughts on “Blinkx, finally serves its purpose”

  1. did anyone else catch the irony, blinkx is losing it’s autonomy by spinning into autonomy? Or maybe its just 130a in India and I’m bored and browsing on my blackberry.

  2. Have Autonomy used shareholders money to build Blinkx? This is all looking very strange – I wonder what the SEC would think? I agree with the above point – where is the Autonomy consumer division? I have never seen any result of it in recent years. We also need to remember that Autonomy was a has been until they bought Verity. Now the market loves them. Does anyone else have trouble understaning that??

  3. Hang on a minute, wasn’t this the place that was raving about search and the wonderful world of video search ? Don’t get me wrong this is one for the gullibles but what makes this video search less attractive than the “me toos” ?

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