37 thoughts on “Saving Business 2.0, Facebook Style”

  1. Hope Biz 2.0 survives and doesn’t become the next Industry Standard & Red Herring. I need to read more than Fast Company when I’m at B&N. It’d be nice if Google can shape up and start using Print Ads on magazines.

  2. That is unfortunate. But as you say, in the end it is a business. They seem to have seen their ad dollars shrink in recent years in spite of a healthy circulation. Not sure why someone would not just buy them and their over half million paid subscribers.

  3. Sorry to see the state of the magazine. I have been a loyal subscriber for many years. Print is dying a slow bleeding death. It needs to evolve or prepare to dissolve.

  4. With all do respect, Om, you killed Business 2.0 – I mean, not literally, but as soon as I started subscribing to a few good blogs (like yours) I let my print subscriptions go – why find out the news in 2 months that you can tell me today?

    I’ve also been turned off by how cheesy some of the covers looked (“100 Secrets that the Insiders Don’t Want You to Know!”) – I honestly felt like I was holding some MLM propoganda or something on the plane.

  5. I loved the last year of Business 2.0. Call me small minded but I thought it was getting good as of late. Paul Sloan’s columns and features were excellent if a little showy. Om’s columns were good but I think his best work has been at Gigaom. Overall I’ll be sad to see it go.

  6. I subscribe to few magazines because I cannot tolerate them unless they are the very best. Business 2.0 was my preferred business trend magazine and I am very disappointed by this turn of events.

  7. NO! What a shame. Business 2.0 has been my favorite business magazine bar none for a long time. I run an Internet company and I have always been looking forward to the next issue of Business 2.0. This is so sad to see an excellent magazine like this disappear.

  8. Businmess 2.0 is the only magizine I get — its a shame that they are considering shutting it down – even if I don’t have time to read it when it comess out – I save all the issues until I have time to read them — I hope that Business 2.0 survives!

  9. Bummer, this has been a great magazine for years. Sure, print mags don’t offer the immediacy of today’s blogs but they still offer value in the form of great writing and analysis.

  10. We were only reading Fast Company anyway. People in this industry are busy. Please don’t launch any more magazines. One is fine. We’ll do the rest of our reading on blogs, etc.

  11. Business 2.0 is the only magazine I’ve ever read cover to cover. I actually look forward to every issue and archive my past issues. I really hope they pull through and find a way to survive.

  12. I remember it distinctly because it was the day India was playing Pakistan, which is like Yankees and the Red Sox, except with both sides having nukes.

    Great analogy. One to remember.

  13. re: B2.0, i agree with Preston… you were killing it softly Om, with your Giga song 🙂

    • dave mc

    (ps – India & Pakistan may have nukes, but Yankess & RedSox have ‘roids & HGH)

  14. Something bigger is going on than crappy TW decisions. The world changed for the better. Thank goodness you followed your gut and did gigaom. You have your group on Facebook.

  15. It is a sad time. I collect all the magazines (with inc and FastCompany). I hope they will recover.

    If Inc/FastCompany/Wired can live, why can’t Business 2.0?

  16. I’m pissed! Yes, we have techcrunch, gigaom, etc, but Business 2.0 filled the white space between the INC-types and the Forbes-types, with Fast Company and Wired too random to count on. In every issue, Business 2.0 delivered great 411 for my venture. Remind me to cancel my Time subscription!

  17. Om, I renewed/signed up for a multi-year subscription to B2.0 via a link from your article/blog… Within a couple of months, you left and now they are about to shut down…

    Perhaps Phoenix will rise as GigaOm 2.0? 🙂

  18. As a long time reader/fan/subscriber, I would hate to see B2.0 close down. It has been the source of some great ideas for me, and I would love to see it thrive!

    Way too many suits in Fortune!

  19. “because it was the day India was playing Pakistan, which is like Yankees and the Red Sox, except with both sides having nukes.”

    LOL! Hilarious little tidbit of writing right there, HA!

  20. Please find a way to keep this magazine alive-it is always a great read and I would hate to see it go away.

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