One thought on “Celljacking is in”

  1. “rampant consumerism being promoted by the media.”
    How cute. This from a consumer technology writer. From the US, of all places. I found that quite amusing.

    News Flash to you – This is the other side of capitalism,…’Amriki’ style! You may have some half-romantic notions about the state of crime in your city of origin, but cellphone theft is a sign of the times – ANYWHRE in the world.
    By your lament above, apparently to prevent being robbed, we should not be ‘rampant consumers’.
    Last time i looked i was quite happy to have a $450 cellphone, even with the off-chance of losing it or having it stolen.
    Its a product. I needed it. I bought it.
    And while i’m at it, my brothers boss, sitting in an upmarket Roman hotels lobby, had a team of con artists lift his laptop, before a crucial business meeting. So watch out with that pretty powerbook of yours in Delhi too!

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