8 thoughts on “Chewing Through FiOS Margins”

  1. Not a FIOS specific issue. I had a squirrel eat through my comcast coax and it took 20 (yes, 20) calls to customer service and at least 5 service calls to get the problem identified.

  2. Speaking of wire chewing. A little mouse moved into the engine block area of my friends car and chewed the number one wire because it was in the way of a coozy sleep. The repair was even cooler, I used a curly phone receiver cord. Thinking back I should have connected some lights.

  3. Yeah, this is not exactly an isolated incident. EVERY time Comcast pays me a visit, I have to go sort out my fragile Verizon “pale green box” re=pack the wires and fit it back together. Maybe someday I’ll get some screws and fix it for good.

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