8 thoughts on “Crunch Time for Project LightSpeed”

  1. It should be 3.75Mbps for Standard Def. Video. 20Mbps ? That’s multiple channels (perhapbs adjacent channels to support smooth surfing ?)

  2. I saw a demo two years ago – The best part of their demo was the speed of channel switching. Hands down, it would beat out Cable and satellite based on the fact you could go back to the old style of channel surfing. Not suprising that Microsoft could do the demo but not release 1.0 – Microsoft will get it right – but at the expense of their partners to whom the over promised and under delivered. Same old Microsoft.

  3. He said she said; false 2wire is a private company. 4 services share bandwidth, with headroom for an other. Channel switching is not the problem. And oh yeah I’m the father of Anna-Nicoles baby.

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