4 thoughts on “Designer Yves Behar: Wearable devices are the hardest to design”

  1. Watches are wonderful complex simple systems. They show the time without being ask to show it, well most do. I can just imagine if today’s data mongers would have to design a time keeping device for the first time.
    Also HW design not equal Software design, I get the feeling most designers have very little knowledge about SW/data.

    1. Ronald, I think you nailed it. It is about providing the simplest user experience for the most complex of data. I am pretty excited about seeing what he comes up with his watch. It be interesting to say the least.

  2. Wearable technology shows a lot of promise, but two key factors will make it mainstream:
    1. There needs to be integration/collaboration between technologists, who focus on capabilities, and designers, who focus on the look of the garment or accessory.
    2. WT needs to add value to our lives, by integrating seamlessly with what we already use, with our lifestyle, software and services.
    For more on this:

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