4 thoughts on “eBay’s Mistakes & What You Can Learn From Them”

  1. Your explanation sounds plausible enough. At the very least, it’s the best I’ve read so far in explaining why they bought Skype.
    Also, your shameless plug worked – I went to the Aroxo website. However, There’s no real explanation there of what it is exactly. Saying “we’re a better ebay” isn’t enough – unless you explain why you’re better your promotion efforts are wasted.}

  2. I’ve advised my clients to not even mess with eBay. Get a shopping cart that has a data feed that’ll send out to froogle and the like and go from there.
    Back in the day, eBay was the thing to go to if you were looking for something. But, it’s been ran over by so many scammers, phishing, etc that it’s not worth it. Plus, with people jacking up the price of shipping to make up for the shortfall they may have in the final sale price, often times their was no real savings.

    So, in short, I agree with most of what your saying. Setup a shopping cart site, get a blog to help feed the search engines, post on other peoples blogs to help get the word out, and just generally practice good online marketing.}

  3. Certainly Aroxo (what does that mean?) can feel free to point out eBay’s flaws and possibly declining market share. I think that’s really healthy. What might be a better stat is how does that compare to other auction sites and overall web purchases during the same time. In six years, I have had 124 transactions, all but one positive, been burned a couple of times, get spam mail now from some former users, had eBay website problems, difficulty in navigating to what I need, am fed up with the impersonal replies, etc; however, its tried and true, has lots of momentum within given markets and is not likely to slip much farther. I do not like the fact that I spent over $300 trying to sell two boats which did not sell; however, on the other hand, a broker would have charged me a minimum of $2,000 so its a bargain where that is concerned. Aroxo is going to have to do alot better than $20 in incentives to get me to try it; although, I will say that I hope he does well and that sometime in the future, I hope I have some choice as to where I place ads. When I don’t care, I use Craiglist and have had suprisingly good luck. Falling in with the previous comments, I think shopping carts and froogle are good for those with storefronts; however, as a collector of something (lots of somethings), I find that eBay gives me lots of market data in one place. I really like that. One last thing – I hope the third party community gets involved too. Products like AuctionSniper have, for the most part, really increased my odds of winning things. Last thing: If you can get rid of gaming keywords, I would be very pleased. Sellers who offer the thousands of the same items for sale at $0.01 really get in the way.}

  4. Hi Guys, Just wanted to come back on a few points.

    Aroxo is in the process of emerging from stealth mode, hence our site doesn’t really reveal how we’re going to balance the market just yet.

    As you can’t compete with an established auction with another auction format, so we’ve adopted a very different model for matching buyers and sellers and setting a price, still easy to use and with good benefits for buyers and sellers, but we’re not quite yet talking about it. I know it is annoying, but only a few more weeks and we’re out…

    What I am really surprised by is how eBay’s share of online commerce is falling. I don’t mention this in the article as I didn’t have access to the data which I needed, but I’ve since uncovered this. It is quite a worrying situation and adds further proof that eBay is losing its edge.}

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