8 thoughts on “Ericsson Agrees to Buy Nortel's Wireless Biz for $1.13B”

    1. Steve

      I checked with Nortel and they say that the sale does include some intellectual property rights, but excludes a small number of 4G wireless patents.

      Do you happen to have more details that you can share with us?

  1. probably not good for ALU, NSN – but those two were mergers, which caused them to screw themselves. maybe this will what trip up E\. their history with mergers (Marconi, Redback) has not been stellar either.

    in any case good for sprint.looks like to me – bye bye wimax & hello lte on the now network…:)

  2. This demonstrates the difference between a financial buyer and a strategic buyer … it would cost a billion and years just to get the customer base … no such thing as a free lunch … LM Ericsson, great move …

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