11 thoughts on “Fichey launches, Why?”

  1. if that could be my rss reader that would be cool. it would give the experience of coming to your site without being there.

  2. I think it has potential… just needs more work done to it. It doesnt really do much at the moment and Id rather just go to the sites individually.

  3. I commented on your post about Broadband TV yesterday because I didn’t agree with it entirely. I’m commenting on this post because I don’t agree with it at all!
    Fiche does solve the problem of bookmarking overload by showing the highest ranked pages in the popular bookmarking sites. And it does so in style! My post on why one should love Fichey here.

  4. Om,

    It is definitely a placebo and not a painkiller. Strangely, it is similiar to StumbleUpon which I recall had a $75 million dollar exit. So maybe Fichey will draw interest.

    I think it’s kind of cool.

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